Are You Looking For An Instant Whitening Cream? Look No Further!

Hye there!

Have you ever like urgently needed to look fairer for an occasion, especially since the last weekend you had been spending your hours sunbathing?

Well, then this instant whitening cream from Acaci will be able to help you out!

Check out this short tutorial/review clip that I made.

See! It really does work its magic, right?

It's easy to achieve a full and balance coverage just as long as you keep massaging the cream on the areas you want to whiten. The instructions do advise you to at least massage your body parts with the product for about 1 minute for it to stay longer and not transfer when you are wearing your dark coloured clothes.

It doesn't easily wash off when in contact with water, so you don't have to worry about water spilling or getting wet in the rain. Not sure whether it's okay to be used for swimming or not, though, this you should probably inquire with the seller.

The whitening effect does come off after you shower, as there is the usage of soap, but do remember to wash your body properly or if not you may end up with patches of white skin on you. Hahaha

But I do believe that with constant usage, you may be able to obtain a lighter skin tone.

For me, I would personally love to use this when I am cosplaying, as I don't have to put layers and layers of thick makeup just to achieve a lighter tone.

Oh! And if you are wondering where to get this from, you can always check out Supermodel's SecretsThis item is one of their hot-selling products! Just in case if I am not convincing enough, then you can also check out all the reviews of other customers on their Instagram!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Thanks for sharing, looks like very nice to use <3

  2. wowwww.. amazing product! and u also look amazing.. cute

  3. looks good on you. easy to use too, love the packaging, shall visit their website soon.

  4. good product and can be useful to balance up the colour tones for necks and hands after makeup

  5. That's really instant in the true sense of the word! Keen to try on my face!

  6. I really need instant whitening now. Supermodel's Secret heard about them a lot. I will check this out soon.

  7. Oh supermodel secrets. I bought a tea drink for period from them. Lol think I need this, been neglecting putting on sunblock, looking darker now. Yes, this will be a better option than layering on makeup for cosplay.

  8. Yes. You gave me a great idea for cosplay make up there. Thanks Yana

  9. this really works... wow.. i need to get some for my pigmentation... adik... hate the pigmentation on my skin

  10. Wow seem good. Does it suit for skin that undergo laser recently?

    1. Hurmmm..I think it will best to not use any beauty product that's very concentrated for the time being babe...

  11. Aww. First thought: I love the packaging! So minimal and pretty! But then its a good choice if im going for an instant geisha look haha!

  12. Side effects can be potentially life threatening, such as cancer or kidney damage. The chemically based whitening creams, after prolonged use, can create side effects that far outweigh any possible beneficial effects for your whitening cream for black skin