Rate My Look: Shizens VISAGE Collection x Yana

Hye there!

Phewww...what a hectic week! How are you? I hope you are making sure that you keep yourself well hydrated!

Okay so today, I will be sharing my personal thoughts on the new Shizens VISAGE Collection which consists of 2 skin care and 6 makeup products.

For the skin care, Shizens came up with an anti-ageing essence with skin regenerating Ceramide III to keep your skin firm, toned, brighter, nourished and moisturised deep within the skin cells, called Time Resistance Essence.

Of course, to compliment the 'Day' essence, the VISAGE collection also came up with the Time Resistance Night Cream to help moisturise your skin and lock all the essence for best firming results.

I have yet to try these two products but from the reviews that I have heard from others, the results are quite promising.

What I did get to try is four of their makeup products which include the Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO, Aqua Eyeliner Black, Hue-Duo Eyeshadow Sepia Pink and the Smack Lips Orange Tango matte lipstick.

Two of the other makeup products that I did not get to try is the Aqua Pore Perfection that consists of Vitamin A, E and F to help stimulate the immunity for a healthy skin glow, retaining your natural skin's moisture while reflecting off the harmful UVB rays and the Ultimate Potent which helps to lock in your makeup while serving as an ultimate instant lifting agent.

Personally, I am loving the Aqua Eyeliner and the Smack Lips Orange Tango matte lipstick!

The brush applicator has very soft hairs that gently glides on my eyelids which for me earns extra points because many liquid eyeliners that I have tried comes with brushes or applicators which are quite hard and the eyeliner itself seems to finish off faster than usual.

The Shizens VISAGE Aqua Eyeliner has a sponge-like layer which allows the brush to pick up the rich pigmented liquid eyeliner. I did try smudging the eyeliner and I found out that it doesn't come off easily or smudge. In fact, I had to apply stronger pressure to wipe it off with the aid of water. Without water, it was still hard for me to get rid of it.

What I absolutely loved about the Smack Lips matte lipstick is that not only the colour was vibrant, it also lasted till the next morning. Okay, the reason why I said it lasted till the next morning was because I had filmed the whole set of the products that I have received last night at about 10pm.

And about 1am I had already applied the whole makeup, as I was trying to get the lighting right for the filming, it ended up as a failed attempt and this was already about 2.30am.

What filming, you ask? This one!

Me being the lazy person that I am, I decided to sleep with the whole make up and see if anything wipes or smudges off before I retake the pictures in the natural sunlight.  And to my surprise, the eyeliner, eyeshadow and the matte lipstick stayed on my face untouched!

My lip colour remained as vibrant as it was. All I had to do was wake up 7.30 in the morning, directly set up my tripod and camera, touch up my foundation and powder and I was all ready for the shoot! How amazing is that, right? I was totally unexpecting it!

The other two products, the foundation and the eyeshadow, were not exactly my favourites because I am way too tan for their light-toned foundation and the eyeshadow colours were the colours that I usually would avoid since I am already on the warmer tone.

But nevertheless, I still managed to pull off the whole look well, right? At least I hope so...Do let me know how would you rate my look in the comment box below!

Oh! Wait that's not all! Right now Shizens is having an absolutely awesome limited time offer that you would not be able to resist!

You can get yourself the VISAGE Essentials which includes the x2 Smack Lips (Plum Wine + Orange Tango), x2 Aqua Eyeliner (Black + Brown), x1 Hue-Duo Eyeshadow (Mocha Glow) and the Shizens Professional Brush Set (6 Brushes) only for RM199!!! 

How crazy is that??? Do you know how much all of that goods will cost on a normal day? A whopping RM1,503, that is!

Quickly grab the chance to own these amazing makeup products at your nearest major Shizens stores as this promotion is only available from 1st March until 31st May!

And for you, my absolutely amazing reader, this unique code VISAGE01 allows you to redeem or experience up close and personal VISAGE's makeover when you show this code to Shizens beauty advisors at any major Shizens stores.

Wondering which outlets to go to? Well, you can choose to go to either their flagship store in Pavilion or Mid Valley, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Gurney Plaza, Genting Sky Avenue, Isetan KLCC, Isetan Garden, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Pavilion or at Sogo KL.

If you are really interested in their new collection, you can also catch them at their official launch roadshow at the East Entrance Lobby, Mid Valley, that will be going on the 24th April until 30th April.

Of course, if you need more information don't hesitate to go through their Shizens Facebook or you can even contact Ms CY Leow at 03 40248331.

Last but not the least, Shizens is also having a VISAGE Challenge 20. How to join? Easy...

1) Visit Shizens outlet to enjoy VISAGE makeover by showing the unique code –VISAGE01.

2) Snap a photo of yourself after VISAGE makeover to show the make-up effect.

3) Submit the photo and your personal details (Name, IC, and contact number) to Shizens WeChat and stand a chance to win these amazing prizes:

Grand prize: RM 2,000 cash + Shizens products and gifts worth up to RM6,000

1 st runner up: RM 1,000 cash + Shizens products and gifts worth up to RM4,000

2 nd runner up: RM 500 cash + Shizens products and gifts worth up to RM3,500

**Contest start from 15 April – 15 May

I wish you good luck and may the odds be with you! Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Hey there Yana!
    You pulled off this look, the pink eyeshadow suits you a lot!


  2. You look gorgeous babe! I'm so glad your eyeliner was fine, mine was probably a bad batch. The lipstick matches you too. xx

  3. You look pretty with a shizens product.. huhuhu.. again.. im really love ur face.. so cute

  4. Looking so good dear. Love your looks alot. Very suitable for you.

  5. You look like a doll. Great color choices :)

  6. I'll give you 99.99 our of a hundred. Because there is always room for improvement, right? A great promo Shizens is going. What steep discount!!

  7. Many reviews of this product .But sadly i have too much of cosmetic product , my hubby will be nagging if I buy more. Will definitely look up for this product soon.

  8. You are such a babe! Those brushes are rad too!!

  9. You look gorgeous, i like their eyeliner.

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  11. I love your makeup. look young and cute. Shizens is a good beauty products.

  12. yes adik, you look amazing in this... fresh and so like a k actress....

  13. I'm trying out this new visage range as well. Loving the eye shadow and liner. Btw, love your makeup 😍

    XOXO... GreenStory

  14. You did the LOTD very well! Oh i wish these cosmetics are also available here in Manila :)

    1. Would you like it if I send this set over to you? ^^

  15. Wow you look so beautiful. I love your make up so much, look so natural. Shizens foundation are my favorite, love it. :)

  16. Dear you look fabulous! Love your video so so much ya! Wish to learn more from you ;D