Skin&Lab Vitamin Toner And Mist Is One Of My Favourite Beauty Products

Hye there!

Today I want to share with you a quick review of my last month's Althea purchase and I must admit that I am completely in love with my new Skin&Lab Vitamin Energy Toner and Mist.

You see, I was busy hunting for mists that can act as a substitute for my essence/serum/moisturiser because my current serum, essence and moisturisers (sadly) are not working for me anymore, after the huge hormone change that I had since December. Remember the one I talked about previously? If you need a little refreshing check this link here!

Because from what I know, if you are having major breakouts you should not be using products that are condensed like serums and essences because it might just trigger more pimples to pop out as you are putting on another layer that prevents your skin from breathing more freely.

What you should be doing is lessening on the beauty product usage and go as minimal and as lightweight as possible.

And I also did my own research and found out that to possibly "cure" breakouts or uneven tones on your face, you should be using or at least try to use products which contain Vitamin C (lemony or citrus products).

This Skin&Lab Vitamin Energy Toner and Mist really helped me a lot in terms of keeping my face hydrated throughout the day and it's extremely lightweight. Even as you spray it onto your face, it spreads out evenly, it doesn't feel like you are being attacked by a water spray and it absorbs really quickly.

It also has a tangy scent to it which helps freshen you up during midday. Totally refreshing and energising!

There are two ways of using this mist:

1. Moisten a cotton pad with toner and apply to skin in areas where needed. Do avoid the eyes area.

2. Spray over face and neck as often as needed.

What is convenient about this is that it's suitable to be used under and over makeup, hence why I prefer spraying rather than using the cotton pad.

Because it's lightweight, I feel it's a bit wasteful to spray over a cotton pad first then pat down on my face as most of the moisture will be "stuck" to the cotton pad.

I have to sincerely admit that this product is my saviour in battling my breakout! I am really impressed with this product and 110% chances of re-buying this product once it finishes.

Now, if you are interested in trying out this product as well, then head on over to Althea and get yourself one! It's only RM37.00!


Hope this product works out well for you too!

Till the next post, see you! P.S: I will be doing a post dedicated to all the products that I have used for battling my breakout soon, so do keep an eye out for that, if you too are facing the same problem, who knows if it can work for you too!

Absolute Yana


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