Poke Bear X Laeranduil X Yana: Deliciously-Healthy Fresh Salmon Served In A Bowl

Hye there!

OMG!!! I can't wait any longer to spill the beans on my newest favourite salmon dish and it's probably going to be one of the healthiest meals that I would ever be sharing with you!

Today, I had a foodie date with Gwen all because of a week ago when Gwen was so excited after she tried Poke Bear @Sunway Pyramid that she instantly messaged me on the same night telling me that she had something really interesting to share with me.

Since it was already late at night, she kept me on a cliff hanging situation when she said she will explain or rather show to me what was it about the following day.

So, the next day comes and she goes all high pitch explaining how yummy the food was and that I should really give it a try because the salmon was just too good, to let it pass. But in all this excitement, she gave me a fair warning, that this meal was on the healthier side.

Yes! I have a thing against healthy food, especially if it's filled with raw vegetables. Me no likey! :(

There I was happily agreeing to go on a date with her to try out Poke Bear, the traditional Hawaiian seafood delicacy, but I knew at the back of my mind that I was quite hesitant because it's a healthy serving.

Since, our boss (yeap, we are working together now...weeee!) gave us extra holiday after the Labour Day, Gwen suggested that we head on over to Sunway Pyramid on Tuesday and that's what we did.

Okay, so I am a blur case, right? When we arrived at the counter, there were steps to follow and the counter girl was kind enough to explain to me despite the obvious instructions written on the glass counter itself. It's pretty much similar to how you would order at Subway.

1st: You choose whether you would like to have your meal in a wrap or a bowl.

2nd: Pick your base, white rice w/wo salad, brown rice w/wo salad or just salad.

3rd: Pick your sides, almonds, carrots, cherry tomatoes, crabstick, cucumber, edamame, mango, onions, pineapple, tamago and/or sweetcorn.

4th: Pick your poke! Their main poke is either salmon or tuna (for additional serving just top up RM6) and if you would like a side poke there's shrimp or tako (for additional serving top up RM3).

5th: Pick your favourite sauce, there's avocado, kimchi, mentai, miso, sesame dressing, spicy mayo, wasabi.

6th: Pick your (unlimited) topping! There's ebiko, chilli flakes, furikake, fried garlic, fried shallots, ginger and seaweed.

7th: Finally, sit down, mix it all up, dig in and eat it all up!

I swear I was completely sold at the first bite! This is the first time that I truly enjoyed a healthy meal like this. If you are a salmon fan, then you should really give this a try.

Let me share with you what were the ingredients that I picked for my meal today. Obviously, being the typical Asian girl that I am, I chose the bowl over the wrap and took the brown rice as my base.

I know you are puzzled at why would I choose to eat brown rice when I don't enjoy eating healthy food, right? Well, the answer is rather simple...in general I don't like to eat RAW vegetables, I am a selective vegetable-eater and any form of rice is still rice. I just love my rice, okay!

For my sides, I chose crabstick, edamame, tamago, pineapple and sweetcorn. Needless to say, I went in straight for the salmon as my main poke and even added more. :P

I chose mentai and spicy mayo as my dressing cause I am more familiar with those tastes and finally, I topped it all up with ebiko and seaweed.

You will also get a complimentary drink, water or green tea, which is refillable.

There were so much of salmon chunks in my bowl that, literally, each scoop had salmon in it. Hahaha, it was wonderful, indeed!

I loved how everything just came together and tasted absolutely delightful. You have the sour bits from the pineapple, to balance back with the smokey mentai sauce that goes extremely well with the fresh salmon chunks. Then, you have the sweetness from the corn that equals out with the spiciness from the mayo...crap...I am salivating (and craving) again T.T

Altogether, it was a (healthy) tasteful fireworks exploding in my mouth! I will most definitely eat there again and probably at a once-a-week rate. It is quite pricey but I am willing to pay for it cause it's just that good and worth it.

Come on, we are talking about salmon and healthy food here. Since when those two combined will be a cheap meal. lols

And if you are wondering if this is a sponsored post, then my answer would be absolutely not! It was just me and Gwen going on a food hunt together. Poke Bear @Sunway Pyramid probably doesn't even know that this post exists.

So, please do your tastebuds a favour and head on over there to try it out!

Till the next post, see you!

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  1. blog awak ni best sebab dapat lihat gambar, dapat info tempat makan-makan yang sedap, lepas tu paling best mesti ada video disertakan.. bestttt

    1. Hhehehe thank you babe! I will try to make it more interesting as time pass by...

  2. Looks really yummy and filled with goodies! The serving size looks perfect for a filling enough lunch without over eating

    1. Actually, I am a big eater but even this felt like I was over-eating..hahhaha

  3. Two things... too many different things in the bowl and the bowl looks too small to eat off comfortable. I can only imagine the taste, though!!

    1. Hheheheh..you should try it babe...you can choose lesser ingredients if you prefer it that way... and for the bowl size, it actually doesn't bother much coz it feels exactly like a takeout...

  4. I love the concept of poke bowls, so healthy and easy to make.

    1. yea...actually it's like an ideal concept for fast movers like us

  5. this looks so interesting. will try it out next time in Sunway

  6. Wow! I love all salmon dishes all these while, will check out this place to solve my salmon craving soon :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  7. Wow~ this looks delish! :D Hope there's something like this in my city. I'd love to try it out.

  8. wow...looks so nice!!I want to try it out!

  9. I heard many good review about this place, going to try it out next week.

  10. Green tea is now my best friend, it will help me to eat a little, l don't eat much food at once. Just little by little. Maybe with time l Learn to consume all in one food like the one in your post LoL

  11. I always pass by this outlet at Sunway Pyramid, will check it out then :)