The Butterfly Project x Yana: My Fave Cleanser

Hye there!

I know it's been awfully quiet for awhile now, my sincerest apologies for that.

Anyways, what is important is that I am back and today I will be sharing with you, my personal favourite cleanser.

If you are wondering why all out of a sudden I am sharing this...then let me tell you that it is an initiative by The Butterfly Project to do a monthly "Blog Detox". Blog Detox is basically a chilled out way of producing a content.

It's strictly personal and there are no strings attached to it.

I strongly believe that this will be a good and a much-needed practice for many bloggers as it doesn't constraint one from being as expressive as they would like to without the usual 'formatted' writing styles constrained by any party.

I am all up for individuality and hence why it sometimes bugs me out when I see 'repetitive' content.

Okay...okay...enough of my deep thoughts!

Let's get back to my favourite cleanser which is the Proactive Renewal Cleanser. One of the main reasons why I simply love this product is because it also acts as a daily scrub.

Even though some may say it is harsh on sensitive skin (btw I do have sensitive skin), for me it didn't cause more breakouts but instead just killed all the acne and troubled spots while leaving my face still hydrated.

My face was like a baby butt before this, thanks to Proactive. 

By far, this is the only cleanser that I find to work perfectly on my face...just before my hormone change, that is.

Now, no thanks to my hormone change, I can't even use this product no more and I am desperately trying to find another product that will work for my skin.

Good news is that I just received my Trouble Breaker Box from Althea, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that the set or at least a few of the products will help me to get rid of my acne, red spots and scars.

Do you have your favourite cleanser? Or have you been eyeing for one particular product? Do let me know in the comment box below!

That's all for today...

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. I would love to try out this one too, Yana!

  2. I have two other younger sibs who unlike me, have acne / trouble skin so I'm blessed not go have gone through the pimple phase ordeal during puberty - teens. At one point it was so bad, and we tried everything for them already until we found Proactive! It really helped my sibs! This is one brand that got stuck in my head whenever someone cries trouble.

    1. and your siblings are so much alike..hhahhaha

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  4. Oh man, I used to have super acne prone skin when I was a teen (I still get the occasional spots here and there), and now my skin is still really sensitive so I have to be sure to use products I know won't irritate it. I feel you girl! Funny thing is, my skin HATES tea tree products and they make me break out more. So if that's the same case with you, stick to hydration (water based) products only and don't use anything with oils. Hope your skin feels better soon love! <3

    PS: your pic edit is super cute :D


    1. Hahahh thanks Syd! omg...i hope the tea tree products dont back fire on me then..well we try it out first..if really brings more breakout.will post up another alert post here..hahahha

  5. I don't have a favourite cleanser and am thinking of changing to another brand already. I am having a bad case of acne right now and it is so hard to cure. Always have issues but some days are better than others. Currently, leading "others" days. :(

  6. This is what I need to try. I have acne problem too.

  7. I will need to show this article to my wife . She will love it

    Thanks for sharing

  8. 1st time to know this brand. glad you share it, shall visit to see more

  9. Wahh. I think I've this brand a while ago, but never really buy it. Seems like its a good product.

  10. Hi Yana! I think I also need a blog detox. hehe!

    Anyway, I am looking for a cleanser and will definitely consider this.

  11. Wow can use as daily scrub? because some products contain scrubs but cannot use daily! Seem not bad hhuh~

  12. I have not try proactive brand before, thanks for introducing them.

  13. My current favorite is Neutrogena! I love how gentle and clean my face after using their product =) Thanks for sharing your favorite cleanser!