Intimate Session: The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Celebration

Hye there!

Remember, I mentioned before that I was blessed with the opportunity to attend TWO of The Butterfly Project's birthday celebrations, well today I will be sharing my experience with you and also a pre-unboxing of the gifts that were generously sponsored by all the brands.

FYI, this time around the celebration was themed around 'Pastel' so brace yourself for all the cute desserts, bloggers, makeups and atmosphere that you are about to see!

The birthday party was held at the same place as the previous one, Hello Deer, Damansara. The moment I stepped in the place, these 4 ladies who were busy taking unlimited selfies with G&G Studiobooth completely caught my attention.

Super pretty right the booth? Totally gave me a glimpse of how my future studio will look like...most probably in grey tones though. Hahaha

Of course, I also went in and 'kepoh' at the booth after greeting Carmen and Tiffany. Sadly, this was the only time we actually even made full use of the booth. T.T The rest of the time we were too busy catching up, eating and going through the mini-unboxing.

I even managed to 'steal' this cute lady, Michelle (if I remember correctly) who reminds me of my late cousin-of-the-same-age.

Well, since I was early this time I took a bunch of selfies with other butterflies, needless to say, it took a little more effort/energy from the MC to get the butterflies to settle down and 'quit' taking selfies for a short moment. 

Just before we sat at our seats, butterflies took the chance to fill up the chalk wall with all their warmest wishes while some others took the time to snap pictures with the 'famous' pastel balloons. I basically became a photographer too on that day. lol

Though I am more of a black, white and greys kind of woman, I totally loved the whole pastel vibe that was going on, could this be a sign of me becoming a child back again or growing up as I embrace everything?

Oh! And you totally have to take a look at their food lineup! These look way too cute for consumption, really.

As we finally calmed down and sat in our seats, Tammy and Dee gave a short but sweet warm welcome before starting the intimate session. What intimate session am I talking about?'s nothing like what you are thinking.

Each butterfly had to introduce themselves to everyone and getting their blog names out there. If I am not mistaken what I remember the most from this session is that Tammy playfully suggested changing all those blog URLs which contained numbers in it. And the whole crowd just kept laughing.

Another funny thing is that I knew most of the bloggers there by their blog names but not their real names. I really have to do something about my memory loss, I am only turning 26 within a weeks time and yet I have a memory of a 50-year-old woman. ==

Anyways, after the intimate getting to know each other session, Sydney, another awesome beauty blogger introduced the brands and products that we were getting, right before we had a look into our customised eco-bags.

I must take some time to breathe right here as there were A LOT of gifts! Just take a look at a number of items that each butterfly received! We barely even had space to eat if we didn't clear up our table.

Here's a somewhat close up of all the items that we received from Wanderlust Things, W.Lab, Orkid Cosmetics, 1028, Dolly Wink, Mamonde, Neesya, Hadabisei, Clinelle, Adidas and Pax Moly. All of which will be introduced in separate blogs, so do keep a look out for that!

We also have 2 (self-customization) gifts from Photobook Malaysia, which I have yet to send in. T.T God bless me, hopefully, I have enough time to quickly come up with something by end of today to submit in.

On the event day, The Butterfly Project also held two contests, one was the creative unboxing and the other was the Top 10 butterflies with creative makeup look.

And guess who managed to slip into the Top 10!

Hence why if you had noticed earlier in the somewhat close up, there are 4 NYX product in the mountain of gifts.

Obviously, I couldn't miss the chance to take a quick picture with these makeup divas.

For me, my personal favourite was Nicole's makeup. From a butterfly, she completely transformed into a unicorn. Isn't she simply amazing?!

Well, I guess that's all for this post. Coming right up will be the 'Unboxing' of the brands and their sponsored gifts.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana

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