Rate My Look: 1028 Mont Blanc x Yana

Hye there!

Did my recent postings keep you busy for a while? If so then that's good news!

Today I will be sharing the collaboration that I did with 1028 Visual Therapy via The Butterfly Project, in this Rate My Look post.

I have always preferred brownish tones when it comes to a makeup look and I must admit that the 1028 Visual Therapy Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit is my new favourite eyeshadow palette!

When I first saw the posting on The Butterfly Project's page, I immediately fell in love with the Mont Blanc series simply because it had a really pretty packaging design and it was in the earthy tones. Come on, who wouldn't fall for desserts, right?

Okay, prior to this I did not know that Mont Blanc is actually the name of a popular dessert in France, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Slovakia and Hungary. So when I looked up Google, I was pretty mindblown over this dessert.

And apparently, there are only very limited outlets in Selangor that actually sells it. Needless to say, I had very limited time to go on the hunt for it to incorporate the real deal with my tutorial. Instead, I created two Mont Blancs of my own.

Hahaha no no...I didn't bake them, I just drew them in Adobe Illustrator. Teehee :P

Take a look at how I transformed myself into a (somewhat) French lady:

Wonder if you did spot the puns...and I basically dyed my hair to a darker colour just to match with the eyeshadow kit too...hahaha

Now, let's get into reviewing each product of 1028 Visual Therapy that was used for this look.

First I started off with 1028 Moisture Infusion Essence Cream SPF30PA++. Though at first, it would seem like it is very light for a tan skin, don't fret, it gradually just blends in with your skin tone. At least, that's what happened to me.

From the first day of trying it on, now it has become my base for daily makeup. Super loving it! It doesn't make my face oily and it helps to 'lock' in my makeup till the end of the day.

Definitely, getting this again when it finishes.

Next is the 1028 Ultimate Oil-Control Powder which feels all-too-smooth when applying. Honestly, if you want a baby's butt kind of softness on your face, then you should really consider getting one of this.

It is super light and it's buildable.  For me, I personally like it because it reminds me of the baby powder that our parents used to slab onto our face when we were kids, from the scent and texture.

It does get pretty light for my skin tone, so usually, I only apply one layer.

Time for the main highlight of the range, the 1028 Mont Blanc Eyeshadow Kit. Besides loving the packaging design on this, I was very much attracted to the colour tones that this kit comes with. The colours are pigmented and the bronzy shade can easily be used for contouring too!

I would say that this colours can easily match for a daily look and dinner gatherings. You can easily switch up your look from day to night by just adding on a darker shade on the outer side of your eyelids.

Hence why I this has become my new favourite.

Oh, and please do be careful not to place anything heavy on top of the eyeshadow kit as it comes in a tin casing. When I first received mine, the courier service guy completely crushed the whole eyeshadow! It was devastating to see the mirror completely cracked and two of the shades were ruined.

But thankfully, Evon, their PR, manage to send me another eyeshadow kit so that I could do this review with a lighter heart. Thank you, dear!

Moving on to the 1028 Infinity Long-Wear Eyeliner. This would be my second go-to eyeliner if ever my Me 7 Waterproof Colorful Liner finishes. 

It's very easy to apply and glides smoothly over the eyelids. It's highly pigmented and stays on for a good period of time. Though if you'd accidentally rubbed your eyes, then it might smear off.

If you have oily eyelids, don't worry, as (for me) it didn't smudge and the drawn eyeliner was still in form when the day was coming to an end.

Next in line is the 1028 3in1 Longwear Eyebrow Definer which my mami has taken a liking to it and is currently using it on the daily.

I would say that I am not very fond of this eyebrow definer, simply because it's a bit on the lighter brown side, whereas I have a bush that is more on the darker side.

Even though my bangs are covering my eyebrows in the Rate My Look video, I did use it and if you pay a little more close attention you would notice in the close up that I did fill in the awkward gaps with the eyebrow definer. 

Why wasn't it highlighted in the video? Well, silly me thought I was recording that part, but only noticed very much later that I didn't press the record button. I know major facepalm moment! But luckily, I was filming it in parts so I only missed out on that part.

Last but not least is the 1028 Big Magnifier Mascara, which I feel knocks off my Sephora Outrageous Volume Mascara of the throne. This mascara really helps to pick up all the eyelashes and (without needing the aid of the eyelash curler) curls them up amazingly well.

It doesn't smear off but comes off easily with most makeup remover/cleanser. I don't really like the feeling when the mascara sticks on to the lashes even after removing it because then the next day I would wake up looking like I just had gone through a breakup.

I prefer this Big Magnifier Mascara just because it stays on when it needs to and gets off easily when it needs to be removed.

So, I guess that's it for my 1028 Visual Therapy review, what do you think of the products? Would you try them out? And what do you think of my look? Rate me please and do let me know what kind of makeup tutorial would you want me to do in my upcoming projects, in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Love the video - spot on with the hair color!
    Am loving the eyeshadow kit - wonder how much it is.

  2. Aww. The mont blanc eyeshadow kit looks so pretty. I gonna check them out on althea haha

  3. Enjoyed watching your video. You put on make up so effortlessly. I am envious, to say the least.

  4. Wow! U have talent in this! Love the way you put make up on like its breezy easy! The combinations look good on ur skin too

  5. You look so pretty! I LOVE the transformation.

  6. Have to say love their colour and their packaging.. will be checking out that palette for myself..

  7. The only Mont Blanc I know is a luxury pen, but hey those shades looks incredible on you. I like it!