The Butterfly Project x Jerlynn'L x Yana : 4th Birthday Celebration

Hye there!

Welcome back to my blog! This post has been somewhat overdue but hey late is better than never, right?

Today, I will be sharing with you, The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Celebration with Jerlynn'L. Time flew by very fast on that day, and I felt like I did not get to enjoy myself as much as I did during the 2nd round of The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Celebration. (which I will be posting up by next weekend)

Yes, you read it correctly! There was a second round and it was an even more intimate session because it was just us Butterflies. And let me give you a heads up first that it was super awesome!

The theme for this round was Yellow. And I must say, I had a tough time finding something yellow, mainly because my skin tone doesn't go well with the colour but oh the end of the day I still managed to wear something that had yellow. :P PS: my pants had yellow flowers on it.

Okay, so here I am walking into Hello Deer and I was stunned by all the yellow beauties that were already inside busy hearing the announcer, Dee. You have no idea how much I felt out of place simply because EVERYONE was soooo YELLOW. From like head-to-toe.

Here I am just wondering where on earth did they manage to find all these beautiful yellow dresses while I hunted online and in Paradigm Mall but I couldn't find any that was as pretty. T.T

Anyways, moving on...I was already sort of late due to the incredible massive jam that conquers the Damansara Utama area, so as soon as I sat down, it was already time for unboxing! May I remind you that this was the highlight of the event.

As soon as they announced that it was time to "Unbox" goodness, you should have seen all these beauty gurus preparing themselves, gearing up with their cameras and smartphones, and the moment it was "Action" time, all the professional pattern all came out!

And once again, here I was bewildered by the shyness that 'ate' me up. I figured since I know I was too shy to do an unboxing in front of all of these beauty gurus might as well I capture the moment instead.

Obviously, I was more into snapping pictures that day and mingling with the bloggers.

Oh! Before I forget to mention we were also served with yummy food on that day. Just take a look at the adorable cake and the stomach-filling servings.

Before the party ended The Butterfly Project Team announced the Top 10 Best Dressed of the evening, and I must say that these Butterflies really deserved it! Look at them, aren't they all just so pretty and extra?!

Now, enough of the party, let's get down to business!

Well, as you would have already realised, for this round Jerlynn'L was the main sponsor. Haven't heard of the brand before? Well neither have I until the event, of course!

I have never known of a beauty and care product that is soooo safe that it is even applicable to your young ones! They even labelled in their packaging the starting age that is suitable to use the product.

Okay, let's be honest...we all knew that adults could always use baby products but never the reverse, right? Well, if you did, good for you...for me, I am just glad to get to know Jerlynn'Ls products.

Let me start with their Body Care products!

This Body Wash has plants and herbs extract in it and hence why it smells very organic. It has that slight 'stinging' herb and tangy scent. I would say that it doesn't foam up as how a normal body care product would, which is, in fact, a very good sign that the product is more towards the organic and less chemical side.

For this Daily Moisture Lotion, it also contains plants and herbs extract, which is safe for babies to use from the age of 1+. This lotion has the exact same scent like the body wash. Unless, if you are not a fan of 'spicy masala' then probably you would not really favour these two. 

Moving on to Hair Care is the Hair Wash Scalp Care which does not contain alcohol in it. I love the smell of this product the most because it has that faint 'relaxing-spa-ish' scent to it. I am afraid I might just doze off at work if I were to shampoo my hair early in the morning.

I bet this would make a very good 'spa treat' on those hectic nights. I have yet to try the product itself for this one, so I am not sure if it foams up or not. But I personally hope it does, even a little would be fine. Because I always have trouble knowing when to stop adding more shampoo if there aren't any trace of foam.

Next up is the Hair Conditioner and me it does what it says! There's barely any scent to this product but fret not as this too contains plant extract. I would give this product two thumbs up!

For the Face Care, there's the Moisture Soothing Cream that contains botanical extracts which are safe for children above 3 years old to use. Oh! despite it having botanical extracts it smells more herb-ish rather than rose/jasmine/basically floral like scents.

It doesn't oil up the surface after use and there's no sticky feeling. So, another thumbs up from me!

Last but not the least is the Bug No More Spray that lasts for about a good 180 minutes after application. This really comes in handy when you are out in the jungle or anywhere that is known for mosquitoes or bugs to be lurking around. 

This is probably a safer product in comparison to the other commercial bug sprays that are already in the market. 

All these products have a shelf life of 12 months except for the Hair Wash Scalp Care and Face Moisture Soothing Cream which only has a shelf life of 6 months.

So do take note of this as Jerlynn'L's products are ORGANIC! Organic products tend to last less longer compared to chemical-filled products.

I guess that's it for now...let me know what do you think of the products and would you like to experience fun birthday parties like this in the comment box below!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. the party looks so fun! btw, i've heard about Jerlynn'L, is a very good product! i'd love to try ^^

  2. So nice that they have 2 round of celebration. Seems like all of you are having fun!

  3. I had plenty fun at the 2nd party and missed out on the first too... hahaha... I like the natural ingredients but my daughter does not like the scent... too strong...

  4. Wow! Awesome get-together. You all look so joyous in the color yellow. The color added to the festivity that was clear on your faces.

  5. Whoa I'm glad that you're having fun! Hopefully I can join you guys next year! :D

    ieyra h. | blog

  6. Hey Yana, nice meeting you at the Party. :)

  7. Omg, I've been hearing and reading about Tammy's Butterfly Project and from your story, it was a tremendous success! Congratulations, and till the next birthday bash:)

  8. Gorgeous ! glad to know that you had fun there ^^

  9. Looks like it was a fun get together. Love the shades of yellow that was going all around :)

  10. Everybody dress up fabulously! Nice shower range from Jerynnl

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