Hye there!

Welcome to another session of Blog Detox by The Butterfly Project!

Last month I joined the project in the nick of time, so this time I decided to post it up as soon as the announcement came in. No more delays, Yana!

Today I will be sharing with you, my favourite sheet masks. Well, technically this will not be connected to any particular brand, more of the kind of sheet masks that I love to use.

There's just something about lemon/orange/lime sheet masks that I find myself getting addicted to. Basically, anything citrusy automatically wins my heart.

Citrusy masks are well known for its brightening and rejuvenating properties due to its abundance of vitamin C. Me being on the tanner side, I have come to realise that my skin tends to 'dull-up' quite fast after constant exposure to the sunlight, hence why I keep getting products that will help in the "colourisation" department.

For this round, I used my newly purchased face mask Lemon Essential from Domesky @ Sunway Pyramid. It was basically a deal that I couldn't let it pass as it was going for 2 packs for RM10. Each pack had 3 sheets in them, not too bad I would say.

And to my surprise, it works quite well. It hydrated and brightened my skin without any irritation. Probably, I should get more packs next time...I wonder how would the Vitamin&Collagen pack work out...hmm....

I guess that's it for my Blog Detox. Do let me know what are your favourite sheet masks in the comment box below.

Oh! by the way, if you didn't already know what is Blog Detox, it's basically a project initiated by The Butterfly Project (TBP) to give bloggers the freedom of posting in a very chillax way with no strings attached. If you are keen on joining this project, don't forget to approach TBP's mamasan, Tammy!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. I've never really tried a citrus face mask but what you've listed is true, babe! Citrus masks has vitamin C and brightens up the face! I have a wedding dinner to attend tomorrow actually! I think I might just the lime mask that I have! Also, I've never tried this brand though. May just give t a try when I run out of masks <3

    p/s- Much love to this Blog Detox. Can't wait for the next one!!!!

  2. I need brightening mask so badly as I have dull skin TT would like to try the mask & where can I get it ya besides Sunway Pyramid? It is available at Watsons too?

    1. Watsons have a lot of other lemon masks... for the one that i am particularly using for this post..i think you can only get it from Domesky

  3. 3 sheets in one pack? That's really worth the price. And update if you try out the Collagen one, my aunt is always on lookout for collagen skincare.

  4. wow this mask so cheap!!super worthy!! i love floral mask more but wudn't mind citrusy too...I also like one brand from Sasa about rm2 each mask but I can't recall the brand now..those mask are like daily kind of mask hahaha!

  5. You had me at citrus! It definitely looks like a great mask and O.M.G. at that price? I think I'll go all crazy when I see one next time.

  6. Yea, so cheap , 6 pieces only for Rm 10. Will keep that in my shopping list whnever I go sunway pyramid!