Unboxing Part 3: The Must-Have Matte Suede Lipstick From Orkid Cosmetics

Hye there!

Welcome back to my third entry of the Unboxing from The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Celebration. Today I am going to be sharing with you a must-have matte lipstick.

So if you have been following me for some time now, you would have realised how much I have been raving about my interest for matte lipsticks and though most had great vibrant colours not many actually stuck to my lips til the end of the day.

And of course, most of them also dried up my lips quite a bit. So trying on this new set of matte lipsticks took some courage since I was going to wear it for a whole day out.

Thanks to Orkid Cosmetics, I was able to try what I would dare to say as one of the best matte lipsticks. Not only it is certified halal, it is also a local brand! Surprising, right?

Well, for now, they only have 4 range of colours for the Matte Suede Creamy Liquid Lipstick and most are already sold out! You only need to take a quick guess of why it finished that fast – obviously because it’s an excellent product.

So far, it comes in 4 shades, Blush, Vibes, Turnt and Mars - each selling for RM39.00. I have two favourite shades from this line up which is the Mars and Blush.

Okay, I am seriously not trying to hard-sell anything to you. This lipstick really works. Yes, this is a disclaimer!

On the day, I did this swatch to show and tell for this post, I did not have the time to remove it from my arm because I had to rush out for a Raya gathering. And guess what? Despite wearing a long sleeve top, the swatch remained on my inner arms the whole time!

Yes, it did fade a little bit but overall you could still the vibrant colour. It did not crack my lips and in fact, it actually kept it plump throughout the night.

May I remind you that I had tried to rub the whole thing off my arm, I even got my sister and mami to get it off, but the colour just didn’t smudge or smear.

And the both of them were equally impressed. So what's your verdict? Let me know in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. OMG, it's so pretty! My favorite would be mars, its pinkish 😍 Would love to check it out myself.

  2. I love matte lipsticks, and prefer them to glossy ones any day. I love the colour palette in your post :) Cheers!!

  3. I'm obsessed with matte lipsticks. My favorite shade has to be Turnt. It looks so pretty on you. Is this brand available in North America?

  4. I love that they are kiss proof too! Matte lipstick has been my favorite too =) Which one is your favorite?

  5. This lipstick looks really pretty. And it looks really nice on you! I'm eying for Turnt!

  6. Loving these gorgeous shades also... They are just so lovely and lasting

  7. looking good in the lippie. I love them a lot too

  8. It's a local brand with an international quality? Should get myself one after this. Thanks for sharing!