The Butterfly Project x Yana: My Fave Face Mist

Hye there!

I am back with another blog detox collaboration with The Butterfly Project. This time around, I will be sharing with you, my favourite mist that I have been raving non-stop throughout my blog.( If you have been paying attention to my posts, that is.)

If I am not mistaken I have already mentioned about this mist 3-4 times on my blog and I just can't find any other mists that will top my Skin&Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vita Energy Toner & Mist!

Ever since I started using this mist, I rarely have to deal with excessively oily skin which to me that's the proof of a very good mist. Lesser oil production means lesser chances of getting pimple attack.

It says that the mist also functions as a toner but I have yet to see that much of a difference on that part. Nevertheless, I am still happy and blessed to have come across of this brand through Althea months back.

Here's a link to where you can get your very own Skin&Lab Dr. Vita Clinic Vita Energy Toner & Mist.  ALTHEA

That's all for my blog detox, till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Should recommend this to my sister as she have a very bad oily skin and non seems goes well with her. Thanks for sharing! Xx

  2. I heard about this brand. Never try this. Sounds good.

  3. I've used this before. The smell is refreshing and yes, it controls the oil on face. Lol, I didn't repurchase it as I wanted to try out other brands.