Unboxing Part 9: Get Refreshed With Adidas

Hye there!

You know it's coming to the end of the unboxing from The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Celebration as I only have 2 more brands to share with you after this. Oh no...but see how lucky I am to get to try out all of these wonderful gifts?

Sure makes you feel like you should become a butterfly too, right?

Anyways, did you know that Adidas had a body care range besides their sports gears? Well, I only knew about their deodorants and not their shower gels.

Yeap, you read/saw that right! They even have shower gels!

Let me just get straight into the gifts that I got. First is the Adidas Climacool Performance In Motion Shower Gel.

I honestly feel like this is what people like me who are constantly draining out our energy throughout the day in rapid mode should have. I used this shower gel for a week and I noticed that it somehow kept me pumped up throughout the whole day.

I wasn't feeling fatigued or restless but more lively and energetic. And the scent is quite sweetly refreshing.

I would definitely recommend those who are always on the go to use this shower gel.

Now comes the Adidas Climacool Performance In Motion Deodorant that I would not want to recommend to people who have an active lifestyle or gets nervous easily. No, I'm not joking.

Like the shower gel I used this deodorant for a week and 3 days out of the 7 days I had to make sure I didn't carry up my hands. =_=

Okay, I don't think you know about this because this is one of my top insecurities, I used to have B.O problems when I was much younger as I was highly active in sports and every time I reached home I would flop on the bed or floor due to the tiredness.

This 'habit' in return gave me a B.O that I had to deal with especially after sports or when I am nervous. Thankfully, these days I don't have them anymore or at least only on rare occasions especially when I am nervous (thank god I don't have it when I am doing sports anymore).

So, yes, you have guessed it, the deodorant did not work for me. By 3-5pm, that week, I already had to make sure that I didn't unnecessarily carry up my hands. At work, I was kind of stressed out and nervous over a few matters and this kicked in my B.O.

The deodorant that I was previously using did not cause such experiences and hence why I said that nowadays the B.O attacks are on rare occasions. And needless to say, I went back to what works...lol

Anyways, tell me what you think of these two products, have you tried them before? Let me know in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. yup I've tried the deodorant before and it doesn't work for me too. but the shower gel looks nice!

  2. I don't usually use deodorants but the shower gel seems good especially for someone very active like me