Yana's Kitty Rescue Mission: Introducing Prince

Hye there!

Today I will be introducing a new love called Prince. Prince is a 5-6 week old domestic short-haired furball that I came across two weeks ago when I was driving to the office after picking up Gwen.

I almost ran over him with my car because he was covered in dirt and looked pretty much like the road. But thankfully, he was quick to run to the side. I quickly parked my car at the side and got down with Gwen to check up on him.

After making sure that he was alone (no mommy cat nor siblings were in sight) we decided to bring him to the office, get him cleaned up and fed.

At first, I wanted to put him up for adoption after I got him checked with the vet, however, things and feelings changed after I had to nurse him back to good health first as he was having flu.

Also, along the way my friends at work were also getting attached to him, so ultimately we decided to keep him as our office pet. Since he is still small, I bring him back and forth to the office and my home.

Now, he has become my sleeping companion. And he looks way healthier now. He is also a very good poser, perfect for selfies. lols

Prince is actually the 3rd kitty that I have picked up from the streets. In the near future (like very near), I will be trying my best to help more of these abandoned or stray cats to find a loving home.

Currently, due to my financial state, I am not able to 'home' that many cats at my place already have 4, well, including Prince, 5 cats now.

So, if you are a pet lover, please do keep my blog on bookmark or follow or subscribe to my posts to keep yourself updated with my latest Kitty Rescue Mission.

Actually, I had another abandoned kitten that a friend of mine had found while it was stuck in a drain, unfortunately, the little furball passed on earlier this morning. :(

I hope to help these beautiful beings as much as I can and to receive your support will be very encouraging for me. Oh! And let me just say it here first, if ever I come across an abandoned puppy, I will try my best to find a loving home for them too.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana



  1. what a golden heart you have. I wished I could do the same and be hands on but due to circumstances, I can't yet. Hope more stray animals will be able to find loving homes through you.

  2. Thanks for being such a darling, these cats and dogs need us more than ever! Bless you :) If you're in Selangor be sure to check out their programme that gives out free vaccinations for rescue animals!

  3. Look at Prince eyes. So innocent and cute. Rip to furball

  4. He look well and healthy now. Glad you found him.

  5. this is so cute.... and u got a kind heart... hope this could be apply into more people and help those cute innocent kitty


  6. cute kitten! Take good care of her pls

  7. I am a cat lover too. Once upon a time in my India home, used to feed as many as 14 of them. Loved this cute kitty of yours.

  8. Your act is so kind!! Definitely will help and support you babe! Hope there's kind family will adopt Prince one day =)