A Weekend With Pak John Steamboat

Hye there!

Just two weeks ago The Butterfly Project organised a get together session with its butterflies, unicorns and pixies at the Pak John Steamboat, E@Curve.

I must say that though I am a homey butterfly, flying out once in awhile to hang out with the other magical creatures can be totally refreshing. Plus, we are talking about food here, who wouldn't want to chow down on an endless serving of BBQ and Steamboat delicacies?!

Before we could even dig in, we bloggers took our time to snap as many pictures as we could; capturing the ample amount of food, the ambiance of the restaurant, selfies and wefies with the awesome bunch and of course the self-intro-promo of the place via our social media accounts.

We actually were given a to-do-list but silly me placed it somewhere that it didn't belong and needless to say I could not find it back to share it with you here. Sorry!

Anyways, the makan session was a bomb, and the table that I was seated at together with Rawlins, had to be the spot of all disasters. Hahaha

Three times of spilling the refreshments, countless times of getting splashed with the oil from the BBQ pots and also a couple of times of dropping handphones. At first, we just assumed that Rawlins and myself were the black sheeps but then when 'Mommy' poured for herself a cup of drink at our table, voila! Over poured again!

Hahaha...fun times fun times...Because of all the mishaps, our table was pretty much the most noisy out of the whole bunch.

Let me just share with you all my wefies of the day...

On top of enjoying the variety of food choice and the chatter between bloggers, Pak John Steamboat didn't allow bloggers to leave empty handed! We were presented with a cooler(warmer) bag that had three different knettir; Fish Tofu, Lobster Ball and Fish Ball with Cheese & Shrimp.

My favourite was obviously the Fish Ball with Cheese & Shrimp!

At Pak John Steamboat, they also serve endless slices of meat which includes duck, beef, lamb, chicken and abalone. For me, I just enjoyed dipping my lamb and beef slices in the Tomyam Soup. It was like taking my taste buds and tummy to heaven!

And the best part of it all, is that you get to enjoy all of this under RM50! Now that's a wise way to spend your money, I would say.

I will definitely be heading over to Pak John's Steamboat in the nearest future. How about you?

Take a moment to enjoy this short video clip that I made:

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. been there b4..satisfied!

  2. Reading your post, I can imagine the chaos at your table. Who's the clumsy one, actually? Or was that particular table jinxed? LOL

    1. i am 100% sure the table was jinxed..hahahha

  3. OMG!!! i love Pak Jonn steamboat also, the soup base and selections are good too.

  4. Happy to see you there again! I miss the food and fun gathering we have as a The Butterfly Project team <3

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