Baby and Kids Clothes These Days Are Super Fashionable


Just the other day I was scrolling through Pinterest and you know what...I felt completely out of style when I saw how fashionable were the babies and kids.

Baby clothes were themed around famous Japanese animes and some even looked like they were party costumes!


I could barely see any of those kids wearing those Disney 'souvenir' t-shirts with baggy long jeans, or even those dresses that looks like our mothers made them out of tablecloth or even curtains.

Their clothes were all made to be like runway-ready. I kid you not! Look at these:


This realization made me aware of how much time have changed. Lols...I am speaking like I am that old. Don’t worry I am only 26.

Kids fashion nowadays are not that far from what adults wear and sometimes it makes me wonder...being fashionable is one thing but why does it seem like the young ones these days are all trying to look like adults.


I know it’s not their fault because those are what the fashion labels produce...but let’s think about it for awhile.

You only have like 17 years to be a kid and enjoy life without worrying about anything; maybe just probably when is the next meal is going to be served. And you will have like over 50 years to be an adult where you would have to face endless obstacles, bills, loans and so on.

I bet you are asking me this, “But they are just wearing clothes, what’s the big deal?”
Well, not much really, I too do believe that they look  freaking adorable in their outfits. But, I have seen parents dressing up their little ones in runway-ready outfits for a weekend out only to end up scolding them for messing up their clothes with their food.

Let kids be kids. They are supposed to messed things up once in awhile, they are supposed to get down on their four limbs and have fun. That’s what kids do. Where is the fun in being a child if you are going to stop them from being who they are.

Yes, you dress up them up to look the part...but you are not allowing them to act the part.

Back in my time, the only baby clothing we had were usually t-shirts with a huge Mickey’s head or some souvenir T-shirts that were bought during vacations. On really fancy days, ours moms will box out their sewing machine and quickly patch up fabrics and create a dress that was considered grand.

At times when we were out playing in the garden with these outfits (because let’s face it adults take way too much time getting ready), we would often fall down as we played ‘Chase & Catch’ and get dirty. Our parents rarely would scold us for dirtying our clothes but we would usually get yelled at for injuring ourselves. Typical of Asian parents, I guess.

Things were simple back then...but fashion was quite bland. Nowadays, it’s like everyday is ready to pose for the camera and the fashion variety is endless!

Maybe, just maybe, I am being bitter about how  fashionable these babies and kids are. Just look at their ‘camera-ready’ outfits...that we didn’t have that back then.

pinterest 3.jpg

Thank god, selfie wasn’t a thing in our time, can you imagine the amount of embarrassing pictures that would be stored and ready to taunt you?

Either way, I am glad that baby clothes and kids clothes are fashion-forward because that would mean that when I have my own kids, I can dress them up in whatever outfit that they like but with style.

And of course, they are allowed to be as mischievous as they want, I would probably just need to prepare an excellent detergent that can get rid of all the stains. Hahaha

Do you have your own sets of concerns regarding kids fashion these days? If you do or even if you don’t, tell me what do you think of this trend?

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Yes, this days the baby kids are so cute and pretty! But it will be quite expensive though 🙈

  2. OMG! The kids clothing are so cute and trendy. My favorite has to be the Totoro onesie. Wish I saw this when my kid was still a toddler. I love children wearing smart and stylish clothing.

  3. And it's Costly! 😂 Plus they grow out of it too fast! I have 2 boys and soon I have to keep up with what my boys favourite cartoon characters and either avoid them bumping into it at hypermarkets,malls or online marketplace. Or... I gotta negotiate with them 😂 Plus points are my kids don't get any iPads hahahahhaa! If I had a girl... I think I'll shop like crazy lolx... God help me haha

  4. sometimes do envy on children nice clothing... lolz - racheal

  5. sometimes do envy on children nice clothing... lolz - racheal

  6. kids clothing always cute and not cheap. They also growing up fast, cherish all the moments. These clothes good for photo snap too!

  7. aww they are so adorable. I love dressing up my girls too

  8. Feel like wanna be a kid back. I wish they have the panda suit to you.

  9. Love the dresses. They are so adorable

  10. What a luxury it is to be able to dress like a million dollars when they are not even ten years old. I bet their target market is celebrity kids!

  11. super love baby clothing but i will be so sad if my kid keep grown out from them. waste of money :((( but still... too cute to resist!!!!! torn in between, luckily I have no kids HAHAHA -Joysofyz

  12. Oh they are so adorable. I tried to put an elephant costume to my son but he didn't like it lols. I can't wait to wear something that matches my son's outfit, that must be look awesome!

  13. Baby clothing shopping are such a steal! Their outfit is way too cute to resist! Can't imagine my shopping haul will be when I have kids XD

  14. Awh too cute! And most definitely- the range for kids now are really fashionable.

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