Enjoying Kit Kat's Local Chocolate Twists, Nasi Lemak Flavour Too?!


One of the best news all year round is that food outlets in Malaysia are heavily implementing our local favourites.

Some creations are pretty wacky while others were a burst of delight to our taste buds.

After BurgerLab served the sensational nation-debate-worthy Nasi Lemak burger and McDonalds mixing up the heavy chunks of Durian into their signature McFlurry, now I finally got to try Kit Kat's version of local delicacies turned into desserts.

Actually, before BurgerLab and McDonalds made their move, Kit Kat was way ahead of them, it's just me who was rather slow in tasting their new special edition chocolates.

Thanks to my sister, I was able to try out the Dodol Durian, Traditional Malaysia Nasi Lemak, Almond, Hazelnut, and Pistacio and the Deconstructed Ice Kacang.

This time I am going to start straight with the interesting Kit Kat Traditional Malaysia Nasi Lemak chocolate simply because I am a big fan of Nasi Lemak and I take my spiciness seriously.

I know many of you must be feeling 'yucky' just by the name of it...like how can chocolate be mixed with nasi lemak...plain disgusting.

However! It isn't disgusting even in the slightest way (IMO of course). Basically, you are just eating fried kacang covered in white chocolate that has been topped with coconut flakes and minimal amount of chili.

Yes! Surprisingly, chilli and chocolate goes very well together. Now I wished there are more chocolates that will be made with a tint of heat.

Best part is, this is a permanent flavour on their shelves...so go ahead and try them out!

Next would be the Dodol Durian, which probably due to keeping it in the fridge for a long time affected its taste, because there was barely any taste of dodol or durian. Apparently, you can only keep these special editions for a period of 2 weeks max, to be able to taste their flavours.

Well, it doesn't matter though, because it was only a seasonal promotion...LUCKILY for you, that now they have an all new Durian Delight which according to my sister's claims, the durian flavour in this is damn kaw! (hint: Musang King)

So all the Durian lovers quickly go get your Kit Kat Durian Delight from the nearest outlets; there's one in Midvalley, KL at level 1, Kit Kat Chocolatory.

I can only wonder why they would name a food as 'Deconstructed' but nevertheless, the Ice Kacang flavour is actually quite nice. In a way, I can totally imagine the real Ice Kacang having chunks of this Kit Kat chocolate served together on a sunny day.

I like the combination of the raisins, corns and white chocolate. For my taste buds, all the ingredients blended well together. I know that many actually dislike the taste or even the sight of raisins, though I can't understand why, so you might want to skip out on this one.

This is also another permanent stock so you don't have to worry about not being able to taste their Deconstructed Ice Kacang.

Lastly, is the all men's (well most men's) favourite, the all-round-nutty-goodness of this chocolate. Honestly, I wonder why they did not give an interesting name for this but instead just labelled the nuts as their product name. I guess it must have been easier, since some people could be allergic to a certain kind of nut.

This is basically a 3 combo of generous portions of almond, hazelnut and pistacio covered in chocolaty goodness. I swear it is my father's favourite. He even opened up one of the boxes before I had done my review. Hahaha

But sadly, this flavour is not in production anymore as well, but who knows if there will be a comeback, right?

Well, a little birdie told me that right now they have other flavours including Onde-onde, Durian Delight, Milo Kibbles and Frothy Teh Tarik added into their special edition.

You might want to check those out while stock lasts.

I guess that's all for my Kit Kat Local Chocolate twists, let me know what do you think about the flavours and would you dare to try them out?

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Though I'm not a chocolate lover, but I'm so gonna try this chocolates out. It just give me full of surprise to have local taste while having a chocolate date and I'm sure my day will be sweet <3<3<3

  2. Wow! I hope can try this soon especially nasi lemak one! Haha afraid to try but still want to :p

  3. This looks interesting. I would love to try it one day :)

  4. Why oh why we dont have it here??!! Nasi Lemak kikat? I want to taste them all!

  5. I'm a die-hard chocolate lover. I could have them all day. You're right that KitKat comes up with unique flavours rather quickly. I am yet to try their Ice Kacang flavour though. Cheers!!

  6. I wonder hot does the durian dodol kit kat taste like. They are gonna sell this right?

  7. Omg, kit kat has Nasi Lemak flavour? Can't imagine what is the taste. Must try it.

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