My Thoughts On Hyuna's Babe MV

Meow meow!

Today I am going to share with you a slightly different content as I will be 'reviewing' Hyuna's new song "Babe" (pronounced as 'baybeh').

I initially wanted to do a video reaction to this MV but at the time of its release, my face wasn't in a good condition and I just couldn't wait to click on the 'play' button. So, probably, next time I will do other video reactions for other K-Pop songs.

Okay, so back to Hyuna...if you did not already know how much I love her and how much I have changed since I knew her during her "Change" era, then allow me to enlighten you for a bit.

I am not a fanatic fan where I know every single detail about her but I am a fan of her personality and charisma on and off stage; her fashion sense, her dorkiness and her whole being has been very inspirational to me.

She is actually the sole reason of why and how I got into the K-Pop world.

Michelle (my best friend) once told me that I looked very 'uncooked' and within the same year I threw away the image of a kid and picked up the Hyuna-look.

Ever since, I have not stepped foot out of K-Pop and I have even done dance covers and joined a few dance competitions and performances since it went in-line with my passion for dancing.

So...what intrigued me to do this post? Well...let's just say that I am utterly speechless and amazed at how much have Hyuna changed over the course of 7 years. (Yes...I am not counting the years that she spent being a Wonder Girls member).

She has definitely grown from a sexy-vixen teenager to a charismatic woman!

Just look at this transition...

By the way, I am only showing you Hyuna's transition as a solo artist and not when she was in her group 4Minute (which unfortunately has already disband) or the time when she was in the "Trouble Maker" project.

Before I show you, her latest song...let me just share with you the song that changed everything for me. No puns intended

I have yet to fully master that dance, even though I trained for it for a whole 3 months...I just feel like I ain't projecting the correct vibe but still this dance and song swept the whole K-Pop world like a storm. And dare I say, that this song boosted Hyuna's presence both locally and internationally.

Throughout the years, many haters formed simply because Hyuna has this way of 'breaking the rules' in her music videos. Some people embraced her boldness while some condemned it.

There were claims of her concept being 'Too Sexy' as overrated. Though I would beg to differ, simply because she pulls off that sexy vibe effortlessly. Heck, even when she was in a T-shirt and baggy knee-length pants, she still looked hot as hell!

Personally, I just feel like the haters were just overwhelmed by her sexy vibe.

So...7 years later...I think Hyuna wanted to shut those haters up by releasing a song that doesn't exude sexy but instead projects the ultimate relaxed-yet-cheerful vibe. Actually, probably, she just wanted to try out new themes...lols

Now here comes my thoughts on this MV...please don't hate me for my opinions...thank you!

When the song first started it gave a completely different feel of Hyuna in comparison to her previous title tracks. And when the galaxy spiral came on...I just felt like this was so hipster-ish. Then when Hyuna came on the screen, I was awed by her simple visual yet cringing at the fact that the CGI was done rather sloppily. You could see the rough edges around her...well...that was my first thought...

After a while I quickly realised that it was meant to be like that, simply because it was supposed to be like in the 90's era. Also there was other supporting scenes like the big earring loops, baggy tops and 'honey I shrunk the kids'.

And then when she walks out of the galaxy, I was mind blown because usually people try to 'hide' the fact that they are using CGI, but this babe just walks right out of it and into like an airplane hangar place and starts killing viewers with her gorgeous smile and followable dance moves.

While she was dancing and beaming her smiles, suddenly the screen gets burned up, and this legit-ly scared me for awhile. But it did give me the sense like she was burning up the cute image and showing us a silhouette of her sexy image once again. As if, she is telling us that she is still the same (sexy) Hyuna that we know.

Despite going into the box wearing a body-hugging attire, when the door opens back again, she wears a loose top while seating on a freaking adorable mini-tricycle. This time, she looks as if she is giving you the 'attitude' face.

Though she looks like a kid with some issues...this image of her somewhat reminded me of the times that she pulled off the badass b*tch, especially when she raps. Because when she raps, she automatically gives this "You ain't wanna mess with me" look, and I felt like she was trying to connect that vibe into this MV as well.

There's also this scene that comes right after, which I earlier referred to as "Honey, I shrunk the kids".

I find it quite cool and the fact that it looks like the world/giants around her are spinning while she remains chilled as she enjoys the moment. For this particular scene, she actually had to mouth the words in slow-mo just to get the spinning effect right. Props to her, because if I am not mistaken she said that it was her first time doing it.

Honestly, I enjoy seeing Hyuna dance...the way she moves and interacts with the camera is always eye-catching. It somehow feels like she is solely dancing for you. Even though, for this songs the moves aren't difficult, it still looks and feels 'addictive' to the point where you want to join the dance too.

And if you are all in for buttocks, this song's highlight movement is the 'swan-butt-tease'...lols I completely made that up but yea...there are a lot of buns moving around in this MV.

I also like this scene when it appears like she is either 'standing on top of the world' or she is 'simply from another world (indicating that she is untouchable). It kind of suits this idea, since (I feel) there's no other K-Pop queens like her. Like there is no one that can do better at Hyuna than Hyuna herself.

No...I am not saying like Lee Hyori (the icon of sexy) is any less better than her. Lee Hyori is her own rebellious sexy, where as Hyuna is this effortless sexy and like Sunmi is the seductive sexy. Things like that, you know.

This part literally killed me! Like as if one Hyuna isn't enough to slay us with her beautiful face and freaking hot abs, they decided to shove multiple Hyunas into our eyes and soul.

And there's this one scene where she lays on a bed of flowers and grass which is screaming AESTHETICS to me. Everything about this shot is beautiful! But I have to admit, I got pretty freaked out (in a good way) when there was this close up shot of her eyes, it was 'growing' bigger and it pretty much got distorted into another scene.

Cool, yes! Creepy, also yes! Creative, hell yes!

See! This is what I meant by the whole 90's vibe. The neon texts that were almost comic-like and the 'ambiance' of this scene were like bringing you back to the childhood days where funky hairstyles and Hip Hop was a big hype at that time.

I am however slightly confused as there was one moment when she stops dancing, turns annoyed by something which leads her to walk away from the dancers and take a lift up to another 'realm'.

In which she constantly looks like she is trying reach or grab something that is at a higher level. For this scene, I feel like she is feeling annoyed or trapped as she was always made to portray herself as the sexy icon yet she yearns to show her other sides that are equally just as magical and entrancing.

Right after that, she goes back to her self confidence look and kills us with her body rolls and awesome abs. *Dies in envy* Of course, on top of showing much self-esteem...she also does a dance pose where she indicates that she will rule the world as she places her foot firmly on top of the dancer's leg.

So...these were the thoughts that I had while watching the the way, the song itself is just talking about how much she is in love with her bae and that her bae makes her feel like she is way younger that she is now. I guess it simply means that the person brings out her bubbly and playful side.

I am pretty sure there are other theories of her MV out there, but this is my take on it. Let me know what do you think of this MV, be it just about Hyuna or the song itself or even the theory that you have in mind in the comment section below.

Before I sign off, here's a video of Hyuna's Babe, enjoy!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Hyuna is one of my kpop bias and although some people doesn't her new comeback song is so different compare with RED and How This since she is trying not-to-be sexy in her MVs but I personally think that BABE is more to Hyuna real personality as she is so cute when behind the screen and stage! Btw I love your review on her MV as it is clear and details *wink wink* ;)

    1. Hi babe...yea..I totally agree with you...this concept shows her real personality...and thanks babe!

  2. Wow, in this mv she really chg a lot , from sexy icon to completely different concept. Love how you explain everything. Thanks for the post 💕

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  7. Gosh, only you can write so much for a song review. And I am saying this on a positive note. I don't know Hyuna well and it has been a long time since I indulged in K-pop and K-Drama.

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