Perfect For Couples, Avon Homme & Femme Exclusive Perfume


Today I will be sharing something that will be like those 'rare moments' as I am a person who prefers deodorant over perfume, yet I was given the opportunity to try AVON's Homme & Femme Exclusive.

As the title mentions, I do believe that this perfume set would be a perfect Christmas or Anniversary gift for couples.

To make sure I knew what was I going to write on these two products, I gave my boyfriend to try out AVON Homme, while I sprayed AVON Femme on myself. Please take note that we went out for a bit to grab our lunch at Pizza Hut and as usual, my partner would smoke right after our meal.

I tried my best to spray equally on both our T-shirts, to make this judgement as legit as possible.

So after taking all of this into consideration, here's our verdict.

Allow me to start with AVON Homme, which the both of us simultaneously agreed that the scent is pretty much like every other mainstream masculine perfume. You know the ones usually your dad would use, yea...that smell.

There was nothing too special about it. However, I have to let you know that despite his smoking, the scent stayed on even after 9 hours. Right after he finished smoking, I sniffed the areas that I sprayed the perfume on, and the two scents blended in for awhile, but shortly after only the AVON Homme scent was left.

So, I guess that's a plus point, at least he doesn't smell like a box of cigarette. Hahaha

For the AVON Femme, I must say that we both enjoyed the smell very much. It instantly reminded us of our nostalgic sugar candy and/or jelly bean. You know the one where it has that jelly-like texture and is usually translucent with sugar coating? Yes, it is exactly that one!

My partner immediately told me that he really liked that scent on me. His eyes were sparkling when he said that. Hahaha

Unfortunately, as much as I like the scent very much, the pump seems to be malfunctioning. It is literally pumping air into the perfume bottle. Instead of spraying the perfume. Only at a weird tilted angle, I was able to get it to spray, even my other half was trying his best to get the spray to work. Lols

Anyhow, for its scent wise the AVON Femme definitely won over our hearts and nose.

Both of these scents are priced at RM89.00 (WM) and RM102.40 (EM). You can either opt to purchase it from Zalora MY or AVON Malaysia.

Let me know what do you think about these perfumes in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. I really love the bottle of the femme one. It does differentiate from women and man fragrance. When is one gonna be launched?

  2. Looks like a great fragrance. Will surely try it one day. No such thing as too many bottle. Lol.
    It's so reasonably priced too.

  3. wao! another new range of perfume... I want this! - Racheal

  4. wao! another new range of perfume... I want this! - Racheal

  5. What a great gift idea this coming holidays. Will surely check these out in stores.

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