Should I Try Photobook Malaysia?


Remember my unboxing for The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Celebration? Well, this is pretty much a continuation of that. Photobook MY also chipped in a great gift for us, butterflies, during the party, however, silly me completely misplaced the voucher and now I can't redeem the gift from them.

BUT! This isn't stopping me from making a plan to fully utilize their service, in the near future. Their printing quality has been acknowledged by many. Many vouch that their service is also tip top.

Their pricing? Reasonable, I believe. As I once printed out a simple book filled with pictures for my Final Year Project and it costed me over RM200!

Let me just show you some of their services and their respective pricing, as it would be easier for you to judge for yourself. Oh, just so you know, these pictures were screenshot from their official mobile app: PHOTOBOOK MALAYSIA

Personally, I prefer browsing through their app rather than their website because it is way easier to navigate and get things done.

So...seeing their service... I figured that I should create a photobook that would work as my portfolio. But right now I am feeling a little on the fence.

Should I make an album filled with my modelling pictures or my photography?

Which do you think would be more worth it to be printed out and turned into a coffee table book? Please let me know in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. I do agree with you about the mobile app, it looks easier to navigate. I would suggest photography as it can be more personal and worth more to your readers or fans. :)

  2. I wanted to try last time, but I read many review especially on Fave saying that the image that they get is not in a good quality cuz the color problem. I think you can try few first, if its okay, then continue.