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It's almost coming to the end of September and that means that Halloween season is coming to give us a good fright and also means it's that time for another round of blog detox with The Butterfly Project.

This month's hot topic is "My Fave Perfume"!

Let's be honest, I am the type of person that prefers deodorant over perfume, most of the time. Simply, because I used to have B.O problems when I was in my teens and I quickly realised that spraying perfume wasn't helping that much.

That's when I shifted to deodorant till this very day. But growing up, of course, I have made good use of perfumes on those special dinner parties or if an occasion calls for it. But would you believe it, if I said I only own two bottles of perfume? 

One of which was the recent post that I shared: AVON Femme Exclusive Perfume

The other was a Christmas gift back in 2014 (maybe) that I received from a relative; NEXT Just Pink Perfume. Which is also expiring by end of this year...hahaha

Since I only ever owned these two perfume bottles, let me share with you how does both of them differ from one another.

For the NEXT Just Pink perfume, it has this floral yet spunky kind of scent. It is very similar to those perfumes that you usually smell on your mother or high class aunties.

Whenever, I use this spray I would automatically feel like I am on a higher level, and I need to 'display' a classy presence. Yea, perfumes make me act differently...weird, right?

As for the AVON Femme Exclusive Perfume, it has a sweet candy-like scent to it. In my previous post, I even described it as jelly bean and/or sugar candy.

Thankfully, when I use this perfume, I don't feel like I have to 'switch personalities' which is a great thing! I definitely prefer this kind of scent over floral unless if it is rose-scented, of course!

So for me...I would say that my current fave perfume has to be the AVON Femme Exclusive Perfume. (I know that you pretty much saw that coming).

Though I am not really into perfumes, I would still like to know if you have any other suggestions on perfumes that has candy-like scent as in the future, I would like to purchase another. Leave your suggestions in the comment box below, okay? Thank you!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. I have a few avon's scent of floral and similar with whitemusk..

  2. Waa..avon keluarkan wangian baru. Kena test bau kat outlet Avon ni japgi.hihi tapi setakat arini AS tak leh move on lagi dengan Avon Pure Blanca..sweet je bau nye.

  3. I wonder what it smells like. I hope it suits us all well!

  4. I would prefer a candy scent rather than floral scent. SO, might try out the AVON Femme Exclusive Perfume

  5. I do use Avon's perfume too - Little Gold Dress and the new one Viva La Vita. If you do love candy-like scent, you should try CanCan Paris Hilton.


  6. My husband love the scent of avon perfume. Forgot the name ��

  7. I love floral scent. Can't bring to mind now how candy smells like. LOL My current favourite is by Playboy.

  8. Floral Scents are always nice :-)

  9. I am so in love with the latest perfume, the Viva La Vita

  10. Avon scents are quite nice actually, plus floral scents are certainly intriguing to have in any perfume collection too.

  11. I like the elegant packaging of the bottle. The florl smell is a plus to me as I prefer soft, fruity and sweet type perfume.