Finally, I get to sit down and continue back with my unboxing from The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Celebration.

I promise, I only have one more brand to introduce to you right after this one. Hehehe

Let me get straight into today's review as many beauty addicts already know this brand, NYX. And I dare to say that many are fond of them too!

Well, it's no brainer since most of their products are really good and makes you photoshoot-ready almost every time.

Lucky me, actually won this range of products from NYX in the Makeup Contest. Since I went a little bit out of my way and drew on my face those pastel sprinkles, I was sincerely hoping I could win (and I did!). Though, at first I was quite worried that I was not going to make it into the Top 10 as there were many other beauty bloggers who went way beyond creative for their pastel look.

After months, I am finally trying out their products; NYX Liquid Gold Eyeshadow, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Addis Ababa, NYX Lip Lustre Juicy Peach and NYX Purple Crayon Eyeliner.

Allow me to start with the NYX Liquid Gold Eyeshadow that I find to be multi-function in terms of usage and application. This eyeshadow is definitely buildable so if you are going for a natural look or a dramatic look this product is perfect!

And who says it only makes a good eyeshadow? I would recommend to pump your look up a bit by dabbing some gold on your lips! Just like how I did mine; of course, this time I opted for a dramatic look.

Next, is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream which is messing up my brain just a little with its colour projection. Okay, please note that I am partially colour blind or rather I can't tell certain colours apart. From the packaging I am pretty sure I am looking at something that is on the darker pink side, however when I apply it to my lips it comes off as purple. Why?! How?!

Has my eyesight gone down the drain? 

Please someone let me know what I am seeing isn't too far off from what you are seeing...

Either ways, I am actually loving the colour! Hahaha despite the struggle of figuring out what colour it is.

The less confusing NYX Lip Lustre Juicy Peach, is vibrant as a rainbow (but with only one colour...lol)! Definitely a colour suited for those who love to go bold!

I can totally imagine myself wearing a black mini dress and this lip colour. As much as it says it is peach I feel like it's more towards orange.

It has this somewhat-intense feel after applying, so not sure if you'd like the texture or not. For me, I am on the fence because I love the colour but the 'heaviness' is slightly distracting.

And finally is the NYX Purple Crayon Eyeliner which is another reason for one to go bold during a night out. It is highly pigmented, though you might need to go over the lines a few times.

I rarely use any other coloured-eyeliners besides the usual black but I would give this purple eyeliner an exception simply because it is waterproof and relevantly smudge proof too!

So getting funky for a water photoshoot, this would be the eyeliner that I would go to.

Do note that the crayon is relatively soft, so try not to over press or twist out the tip too far out as it will easily break off.

I guess that's all for my review on NYX products, do let me know what do you think of these colours, are they too bold for your liking or are they just perfect?

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. I think all the shades are just right not to loud. I like nyx products too, my personal pick here is the pink shade.

  2. soft and elegant color. Love it and it is perfect on your lips anyway ! :)

  3. The purple eyeliner looks so soft on you! And I'm pretty sure that's pink haha! Oh btw, may I know what software do you normally use to edit words/arrows onto your picture (like the blog detox of your favourite mask)? I need something better to help with edit those pictures and I really like yours!

    1. Hehehhe...thanks babe..finally now I know what colour is that...I actually draw it out on Photoshop babe...

  4. the colour really match you..i never use purple colour eyeliner what looking at picture purple doesnt look bad at all

  5. It looks good on you. I love the peach color :)

  6. I like the juicy peach shade :) OMG there is a NYX sale now at Lazada! Better to shop now :)

  7. The NYX Purple Crayon Eyeliner looks mesmerising on you. I wouldn't be able to pull off this colour!