Weekend Getaway: Chilling Waterfalls


Welcome back to another once-in-a-blue-moon travelling post! Hahaha

Quite truthfully, I have a bunch of trips and short vacays that I have not posted yet. Why? Because they are quite long and it would take up a lot of my time writing them out and editing the video clips. But don't worry, I am planning to cover them all up by end of this year. ^^V

So today I will be sharing with you, my 3-weeks-ago short getaway to Chilling Waterfalls, Kuala Kubu Bharu with boyfie and his buddies.

Please excuse my ugly face...

I was totally excited for it because I knew we had to hike for quite a bit before we get to see the hidden gem (the waterfall). Unlike my previous hikes, to get to the waterfall we actually had to cross at least 4-5 rivers.

And may I remind you that, since it rained the night before, the water was pretty rapid! I myself had slipped and been pulled away with the current, twice! Luckily, boyfie had been gripping my hands the entire time.

One thing I like about this place is that just before you get to hike in the forest, you are required to register at a small counter located at the entrance. This is not only for your safety purpose, in case one of your group members gets lost, but it is also for the cleanliness and preservation of the forest.

I must have made you extremely puzzled for a moment there, right? Well, allow me to explain. Basically, a representative (among yourselves) would register your details or you can do it on your own and afterwards, the staff at the counter will require some information regarding the items that you are bringing in.

So let's say if you have 5 bottles of water and 5 sandwich boxes, all of these 10 plastic items should ''come back'' with as you return to the main entrance. Failed to do so, will cost your deposit.

I'm extremely appreciative of their efforts in being strict with littering. Offenders should be punished for 'mutilating' nature.

Anyways, seeing that we went up there on a weekend, and if you are planning to do the same, bare in mind that there will be a lot of people.

I personally enjoy hiking, so I wasn't afraid or yucked out when mud and stones were accumulating in my shoes. The boys however had a tough time walking up as they had to constantly wash out their shoes because 'genius' them decided to look 'cool' and ditch their socks. I decided to do it the safe way and wear my socks anyways. Teehee

Lesson learnt! Always wear your socks!

During this trip I also realised that boyfie is such an animal magnet. In total there was about 2-4 insects that kept sitting on his shoulder and hands. There's a saying that animals know a good person when they see one, so I am guessing boyfie has one of the traits that I am looking for. Hehehe

I don't know about you, but I really love the scent of nature. That fresh clear oxygen that goes into your body, really flushes out the stress. Not forgetting the sound of the rapid water gushing and hitting the rocks...such relaxation.

Even a few days after the getaway, I had sounds of nature playing in the background as I hustled my way through work. That was how much Chilling Waterfalls affected me.

On another note, the reason why I was so excited about this getaway it was because, it was our (boyfie and I) first official trip together. Now I know many of you would have "pffft" at me for taking this as a travelling trip since it was so nearby to home and not even worth to call it as a travelling trip.

This was supposed to be like a romantic picture but I just keep laughing at the grim reaper! LOL

But me being me, I enjoy the little things in life. Just like how when boyfie surprised me with a birthday cake when he actually acted out like he was back at his area waiting for a pc at one of the cybercafes in Klang. I was tearing when he called me smack at midnight and told me to come out of my house. I was truly the happiest girl on earth that night! Hahaha

I guess that's about all I have to say regarding my weekend getaway to Chilling Waterfalls. Let me know if you had visited this place before or would like to visit this place soon, in the comment box below.

Oh and before I sign off, let me share with you a short video that I made for this trip.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Lolx! I had to laugh at that grim reaper on your t-shirt.. but you look naturally good!

  2. really been long time i didnt go waterfall picnic... i wanna go so badly now! -Racheal

  3. really been long time i didnt go waterfall picnic... i wanna go so badly now! -Racheal

  4. The place looks relaxing and it is best to enjoy with your loved ones.

  5. i think the last time i visited a waterfall for picnic was like 20 years ago?! Glad you had an enjoyable time :) -Joysofyz

  6. Congrats on your 1st couple trip together! I think you two would like Sekeping Rendah (Rawang) if you like nature trips / stays!

  7. This definitely looks like such an mazing place and would love to visit it sometime too

  8. a very nice wkend getaway. back to natural is always the most relaxing things

  9. Must be such a fun experience to go on a couple trip. Beautiful location and awesome pics too!

  10. The place looks relaxing and it is best to enjoy...Done follow