WEEKEND GETAWAY: Perfect Picnic Spot For Couples


I am back with another Weekend Getaway series thanks to boyfie who wanted to bring me to this beautiful lake. Since, we are a fairly new couple, we always try to incorporate each others' hobby during the weekends when we meet up. This week was about Fishing.

Personally, I feel like this is one way to get to know your partner much better. Not only you get to see them in their world but you would also get to pick up a new hobby along the way on top of observing your partner's behaviour.

One of the mistakes couples make is that they get comfortable with each other at the early period way too fast, till you don't 'get to know' their best and worst sides.

A person's hobby can say a lot about a person, be it by the way they execute the hobby or how they handle the hobby when there are 'sudden obstacles'.

On my side, since blogging is my passion and hobby, he has to put up a lot of his patience on the plate as sometimes it takes quite awhile to get a post done which more often than not includes getting the 'perfect' capture and 'digest-able' content.

There's more than once I had to cancel on our weekend plans simply because I wanted to finish up a couple of posts... which he was kind enough to understand my situation and gave me my 'space' to finish up my things.

Since boyfie is sort of a gamer, I (used to) indulged myself into Pokemon Go where weekend we would go hunting for monsters either by foot or car. Lately, we switched our hobby to playing Mobile Legends and we have been 'constant' with it.

We are still waiting for a weekend to play basketball together, since it is our favourite sport. Hence, why this week we went fishing; boyfie's hobby which he has been neglecting as off lately.

We were actually casually talking about it weeks back and I quickly suggested that we go for it, even though I have absolutely no clue of how to fish. Hahaha

I could tell that he was quite surprised that I was interested in it. Well, actually, I don't mind fishing however since there's only one fishing rod, I told him it's okay, we can still go for fishing. He fish and I read my book.

By the way, this is a GREAT book! Highly recommended to get your ass moving.

Clearly, he was worried that I would be bored, but today I proved to him that I can 'entertain' myself quite well.

He would have given me the rod if a fish would have taken the bait, unfortunately, this round his efforts wasn't fruitful at all. But no worries, we are looking up for other places that we could possibly fish. Thankfully, my sister and her husband are 'Fishing Kakis'.

Anyways, regardless whether you are into fishing or not, this Kota Kemuning Central Lake is really beautiful! And personally, I feel like it's a perfect place for a picnic with family or as a couple.

P.S: There's actually a signboard that says no fishing or swimming allowed, but ironically, it is a well known fishing place. So...fish at your own risk, okay?

I even told boyfie that the next time, if we were to come back to this place, I would prepare meals for the picnic. Obviously, he got excited over the idea.

Do note that I have yet to cook up a meal for the boy, since 7 months ago. Hahaha

Would highly recommend this place, nonetheless!

Isn't this place simply beautiful? Let me know if you would like to have a picnic here too and what 'Picnic Meals' would be good to prep for my next visit, in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Awww i hope you had a great time spending time together. i might need to take my boyfriend out for something non related to work and blogs as well. Thanks for the reminder :p

  2. wow nice place to spend time together. My dear promise me bring me fishing since dating til now married with 2 kids still no sign of fishing lol.

  3. A beautiful lake better to use for photoshoot than fishing. As for picnic meals, some sandwiches will do! That's taking the lazy way out, I know!!

  4. What a great idea! Not sure if I can persuade my wife to go mountain biking though!

  5. My husband has gotten used to waiting for me to get the perfect shot for my blog hahaha but I make sure that there are staycations and dining that we keep private.

  6. So sweet and happy for both of you. Such a young age but you have a mature and understanding thinking. Patience and package each other is important.

  7. What a lovely place! How far is it from KL? Did he catch any fish? :)

  8. Such a lovely spot for a picnic, shall arrange a trip with my family soon :)

  9. looks like a blissful day out for sure... I dont mind fishing but I hate putting the bait if its worms

  10. wah... like the scenery so much ... hope it wont be too hot for anyone.. I wanna go there so much - Racheal

  11. Its a beautiful lake! I agree sometimes being a blogger is hard when travelling with boyfie. I have to inform my boyfie about taking lots of photos during our trips and I need his patience. Luckily he understand.

  12. Such a beautiful place! Indeed a nice place for peace and planning the future together :)

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