Brooklyn Day Out @SkyAvenue Genting

Meow Meow!

Two weeks ago I was given the chance to (finally) go up to Genting after a very long time. I must say that I barely remember the place except for the famous temple.

Some of us bloggers were invited in conjuction with the Brooklyn Day Out event that was going on at the SkyAvenue shopping mall. Yeap! It's the newly-built shopping mall that many hardcore Instagrammers have been visiting lately.

The place itself kind of gave me the vibe of KLCC+Macau attractions...why? I don't know...just a feeling. Hahaha

Actually, I was kind of lucky because I missed an email (since it went to spam) during that week, but thankfully, Joanne buzzed me up and asked if I was interested to join. Of course, I said yes! Though I really feel bad for not replying to Irene's initial email. Gomenasai~~~~ 

Lesson to be learnt: Always check your spam mails, people!

Anyways, I kind of glued myself to Joanne the whole day and since she was a 'senpai' (simply because she had visited Genting a week earlier, so she roughly knew her way around) I had such a fun time catching up with her while enjoying the activities and food that were at the Brooklyn Day Out.

There were like so many things going on...ample amount of food and drinks served, a number of performances, photobooths, cartoonists displaying their amazing skills and a booth to get temporary tattoos too!

I didn't even notice that we were like spending 2 hours plus just at the venue itself. And there was actually one part that where we were all glued to the stage simply because we had a few blogger friends taking up the challenge.

You could say that the audience were more 'ganjiong' than the players themselves.

After awhile, I got pretty hungry and Joanne told me about the yummy Nasi Kerabu that she had a week before...and I was like there's no way I wouldn't want to try it out.

I totally love Nasi Kerabu, unfortunately my favourite outlet in Cyberjaya close down after a mere 6-months operation. T.T After that it was hard finding another restaurant that served Nasi Kerabu just as good as that.

I wouldn't say that this was better, but it was somewhat almost there. If anyone else knows where I can get awesome Nasi Kerabu, please let me know...I am on a hunt for it!

Oh remember I mentioned about many hardcore Instagrammers were flocking to SkyAvenue? Oh it's probably because of this one spot that gives you like a K-pop Idol-like shot.

Of course, being the vain people that we are...we also took a couple of selfies.

Oh! And the highlight of this event was the SkySymphony Theatre of Lights & Sound. It was definitely one of those moments where you feel like you are completely dazed and sucked into another world.

If you would like to see the full enchanting moment, you can check out

I took very quick shots of this because I really wanted to enjoy watching its beauty, live. Oh! but that was not all the beauty that I saw on that day. When we were leaving Genting, we were kind of being sent off by the most heavenly my opinion at the very least.

Isn't this just one of the most scenic views you have ever seen? I certainly felt like I wasn't anywhere on earth at that moment. I wish one day I am rich enough to indulge myself in this kind of scenic view, right at home.

Well, that pretty much sums up my Brooklyn Day Out. Since I didn't get the opportunity to explore the mall that much, let me know what do you think of this place (if you had visited the mall already) in the comment box below.

Whoops...I forgot that I did a mini photoshoot once I got back home since I had pretty badass tattoos. Hahaha Let me just drop a few pics here!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Indeed a fun-filled event. It was nice meeting you in person girl, you are so NOT bad ass in person. lol


    1. hahhaha I am too 'manja' for my own good babe...

  2. looking good in all the pictures! I've been to sky avenue many times now, but it looks even better in your pictures!

  3. now that is a cool "Tattoo"... awesome pictures you have there!

  4. Waaa nice hang out with besties. I never get tired to walk around the mall hehe

  5. Sorry, I di not know what is wrong. It seems like it was a fun day ♥️♥️ I loved the place so much

  6. What a fun and happening event this was, from your article! I have been to SkyAvenue - you really must spend more time there. Plenty to see and eat!!

  7. Hahah... Going to check my spam mail now and see if i have missed anything. The day out really look fun

  8. Surely seems like fun filled event and a day to remember for you guys. Keep us posted!

  9. That's an amazing event at Genting. Oh how I wish to see and listen to the symphony :)
    Cute tattoo you have!

  10. It looks like a great place to visit. It seems you are having so much fun. and your tattoo in your chest looks so awesome.

  11. Thanks for sharing your experience. Its been a while since i have been to genting and your article just tempted me to go real soon haha! Good article, well written.

  12. You look gorgeous and you definitely look like you had a fabulous time there... hope to see you up in Genting again...hehehe

  13. hope to see you again girl....
    Really fun seeing each other up there!! Now Brooklyn Day Out will be our met up anniversary ya...lolzzz


  14. I have been to sky avenue few times. And I really like the light show.

  15. What a great party! I couldn't make it that day and missed so much fun.

  16. Nice place. have not been there long ago

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