Makeup Tutorial: Halloween Special

Meow Meow!

Just a few hours ago I posted my Indian Bridal makeup tutorial and who knew I could finish taking pics and editing the new pics ready for this post! Yahoo!

I guess I am on a roll today...

Anyways...I was quite blur on what I should do for Halloween. Many actually suggested to do IT...but frankly I am too afraid of him personally. He is the sole reason why I hate clowns till this day!

But nevertheless, I still chose to do a clown...because it is pretty simple and it would be easy for you to follow as well. Who knows right, if this weekend you are suddenly called to attend a Halloween party and you barely have time to go all out, well then, this tutorial is like perfect for the occasion.

Let's begin!

- As usual always put on a base and in this instance you might want to opt for the whitest foundation that you own. Don't forget the neck area too ya!

- Next, use a black eyeshadow and fill up your whole eyelid. You don't have to be neat with this. Just smudge it all around, as long as it is focusing on the eyelid.

- Then, you should add some glam to your could either go for gold or silver. For this look I went with gold. Don't over dab the gold is merely to add some pop to the black base.

- Hopefully, you have a blue eyeshadow...because that's what we will be needing for this look. Smudge it all over your cheeks as if you cried that blue out of your eyes. Remember to fade it out as you head towards the nose length.

- Of course, what is a little blue without it's contrasting partner, red! Do the exact same thing, but with a red base eyeshadow this time on the other cheek.

- Then, since clowns are very expressive with their eyebrows, draw them out like in the picture to get a forever-frowny brow. I just merely used the same black eyeshadow to do this.

- Now comes all the drawing parts. Use your eyeliner or black face paint to draw the shape as shown in the picture.

- Continue drawing by extending the points like in this picture. You can actually opt to do a mirror of the same pattern on the other side. However, if you are very non-pro with your alignments (like me) and in a hurry, then you can do this...

- By the way, the left side shows how that 'pattern' should look like in full. To make things easier, just draw some tear drops on your cheekbone like so.

- And then, if you have black lipstick you can directly use it for the lips, however, since I don't own one...I used the combination method instead. I used the deepest lipgloss that I had and 'clumsily' dabbed the black eyeshadow over. Remember the key is to be as messy as you can!

- Lastly, draw two opposites of an expression. One side should be smiling...while the other one should be an exaggerated sad expression.

Do up your hairdo as messy as you like! And you are ready for an awesome Halloween night!

What do you think about this 'emergency' Halloween look? Let me know in the comment box below!

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. Nice tutorial post, I like your Halloween themed make-up :)

  2. I've been invited to a Halloween party and have been cracking my head on how to do my make up. This looks easy to follow. Will try. Thanks for these tips.

  3. Happy Halloween! Your makeup is combination of joker and harley quinn!

  4. Nice artistry! I would be cautious of you.... haha. Looking good 👍

  5. you always are the best at making up ... am so impressed....

  6. it has that harley quinn feel a bit.. hehe :) you're really on a ROLL! keep on rollin' rollin' rollin' .. :)

  7. Awww..thats nice makeup tutorial..i wanted to do the halloween make up too but dont have the guts to do it..haha

  8. You are hella hot clown. I don't need a makeup tutorial, I need YOU!! LOL


  9. Omigosh! Gonna refer to your tutorial next time I need it haha
    BTW, if you put bright red lipstick, will look scarier!

  10. You are one talented blogger.
    I'll show your tutorial to my daughter and for sure she'll love it!

  11. Wow. I like how you typed it out and show it with all the pictures, step by step!

  12. This is such a nice makeup tutorial for Halloween. You are very creative and talented. I will definitely try to this to my daughter.

  13. Omg. This is indeed so easy and scary. Well yeah, clown is easiest makeup ever haha.

  14. Cool!! This is very cool tutorial!! thanks for sharing!!


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