Makeup Tutorial: Red Goddess

Meow meow!

It's been a quiet week right? Sorry for going missing...was catching up with my new job. Anyways, I am back with another makeup tutorial and this time the theme is Red Goddess.

I actually did this look on Sunday...but I didn't have enough time to edit the pics for this post hence the delay. Let's just get right into it, okay?

These were the beauty products that I used to create this look.

Basically, you would need a foundation, powder to set the makeup base, a range of eyeshadow colours, contour palette, black eyeliner, mascara, red lipstick, fake eyelashes, eyelash glue, red contact lense and a few accessories to compliment the look.


Apply your foundation evenly on your face and don't forget your neck area as well!


Apply a red base eyeshadow all over your eyelid. For this look I used my Etude House Play Color Eyes, Wine Burgundy.


Carefully use an angled brush to draw a sharp winged-edge with the darkest eyeshadow that you own. For this I used my Clio Smoky Pro Layering Eye Palette, Granite. Drag the top of the wing inwards, and blend it out, like in the image.


Then using the same dark eyeshadow colour to draw on your waterline, starting from the outer corner then stopping midway. Use a gold shimmer to draw on the inner waterline. For this gold shimmer, I used my W.Lab Pocket Shadow Palette, Kaffir Lily.

This step actually makes a lot of difference (as you can see in the before pic) try not to skip it ya.

Also, you can use the same dark eyeshadow to draw your eyebrows. The bolder your eyebrows are for this look, the better.


Use a contour palette to create the illusion of a thinner and more sculpted face. I also drew on my nose to make it look sharper. Don't forget to draw on the outer 'ring' of your  face and at the jaw line. This will help give you the 'V' shape face. For this, I used my Makeup Forever Professional Paris Sculpting Kit.


Finish up your eye makeup by adding false eyelashes and then lining it over with a black eyeliner to give it some definition. Also make sure to, curl both your natural and fake eyelashes with a mascara. For this, I used my Dolly Wink Eyeliner and Sephora's Outrageous Volume Mascara.


Finally finish up your look by applying a layer of red lipstick/gloss. Then either use a darker shade of red lipstick/gloss to create the gradient look or you could opt to use the dark (black) eyeshadow.

Work the gradient from bottom to top! Also, try not to over blend till leaving your lips looking 'all black'. Your lips are supposed to look mysterious, hence why the gradient effect.


Put on your red contact lense, give your hair a natural wave look then put on some accessories (since you are a goddess an extravagant looking headpiece would do you well) and you are DONE!

This my overall look...

Let me know what do you think of it in the comment box below! Oh! And if you are also planning on doing (or did) your own rendition of this look, do share it with me. Would love to see your version of the Red Goddess.

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. u look gorgeous and wanna try this guide as well to look something different. xoxoxo


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  3. You always nailed it. You own this look!!
    In love with your step-by-step guide.


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    Hey did you made those rose headdress?

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