Yana's Kitty Rescue Mission: Cofi Found A New Home

Meow meow!

Ever since Prince came home, somehow, my house became a kitten-magnet; attracting different aged kittens from everywhere.

Right after Prince, there was 4 kittens that were saved from the streets. (If I am not mistaken...but if I am then there was actually more...lol)

One was an orange long-hair kitten which miraculously ended up in my home's front porch. Probably sensing that there were other cats at home, it basically took shelter under our cars or the big cage that is placed at the porch.

Thankfully, within days...a loving adopter came by with her father to take the lovely orange young lady back home.

Just within a span of 3 weeks, 2 more other kittens of different age and colour came by our house and decided to take refugee as well. One was a pure white-fur while the other had patches of orange on top of a white-based fur.

The white one seemed to have been very hostile and it took our family 3-5 weeks of enduring hissing and potential attacks from it. The other smaller one was quite the quiet fellow but was a scaredy cat.

Once the both of them got their nerves together, I somehow managed to find an adopter that coincidentally was looking for a full white kitten, however, things didn't go too well...as the very next morning of its adoption...it ran away from the house.

I am still however keeping hopes that it found another home to stay at or even better if it can find its way back to my place. (Quite a far fetched hope..since the adopter is based in Seremban)


The orange+white kitten still remains at my home. And I am actually quite afraid to pass it to anyone as it does seem to possess the likeliness of running away if it were to get adopted. So for now, I feel like it is best to just keep him with us.

Few days after the runaway kitten incident...Joanne Wee (a good friend and a blogger) found a (presumed to be blind) kitten near her housing area when she was out for her morning jog. Since she didn't know much about taking care of kittens, she quickly reverted to me after her neighbours didn't response to her call.

How can I say no, right? I just love these furballs too much. And helping them find a new home has turned into a mission, for me.

So, within the next few minutes of the text...Cofi arrived. (the name was given by its new adopter) Cofi indeed looked like he was in a bad shape with ridiculously swollen eyes and a boney physique. 

Since it was a Sunday, I waited out for the next day to get Cofi checked up. The doctor assured that he wasn't 100% blind but there were possibilities of him having cataract. Cofi had a slight flu but within a few days of medication, thankfully, he showed positive progress.

And within a week of picking him off the streets, Cofi found a new home were he is being pampered silly. Hahaha

Cofi's father, Brandon, has shared a few sets of pictures and videos showing his progress of fitting in right at home.

It is surely pleasing to know that Cofi now has a fun and beautiful life...and to know that his father loves him unconditionally despite the fact of his minor defect, makes it all the more worth it.

If this story has touched you in any way, please the next time if you see a stray cat that isn't accompanied by its family...please give/find it a home. All of these furballs just wants a home to be loved in..same goes for us humans. Of course, I have the same view for puppies as well.

Adopt if you can...

Till the next post, see you!

Absolute Yana


  1. so many kittens! so cute.. hope you can manage with so many under one roof.

  2. Aww such cute kitten! You're such a sweet soul for doing this to the little kitties :)