#breakthesilence As Betadine Daily Feminine Wash Turns Pink

Meow Meow!

I am back with another product introduction...this time around we will be getting in touch with our (female) intimate areas thanks to Betadine.

Earlier this month, I was contacted by Betadine to help them #breakthesilence on breast cancer and to save lives with early detection. Also with a pledge to raise RM7,000 for MAKNA.

For every two bottles of Betadine Daily Feminine Wash 100ml foam sold in Watsons outlets, RM1 will be donated.

As we all know, October was the month of Breast Cancer Awareness, but hey it's not only in October when we should remind people out there...let's remind each other every day ok?

Please don't be depressed about this topic, it would be even better to fight this life hurdle together and come out even stronger than before.

Let's give support to each other ya! Before you make your purchase and contribute back to the community, allow me to share a short review of the product itself.

First of all, the Betadine Daily Feminine Wash essentially helps to maintain the natural pH balance of our sacred intimate area. This helps to prevent a variety of symptoms such as itchiness, odour, and excessive discharge.

This product also contains Immortelle - which is also known as the 'everlasting flower', a natural antioxidant that helps improve skin's natural moisture.

Scent wise, it has a very mild fragrance...and when I say it's mild it is literally barely noticeable. I had to sniff in hard to actually realize that it was scented. It has a kind of scent that is similar to aloe vera and it gives off a grassy scent too.

When I used it, it didn't cause any irritation and I realized that my regular discharge has lessen by a lot. Best part, this product can also be used when you are on your period. So...it's totally safe to use, in my opinion through my experience.

For those of you who constantly feel itchy down there, probably you could try this product out as it may help to reduce the itch.

I guess, that's about it for this post. Do let me know if you have used this feminine wash before or if you have any other better suggestions of feminine wash, leave them in the comment box below.

Till the next post, see you!


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