Dinner Date With Joanne Wee At The Starling Bistro, PJ

Meow meow!

Did you miss me? Since I disappeared into thin air for 2 weeks...Hahaha well, I did literally flew up in thin air for a 3 days trip to Jakarta - in which had me to prepare my articles for Bukanaku before hand...hence why I was just too tied up for the past two weeks.

I don't have much to update about the trip since it's really quite private. I was on a mission to help my aunt settle in comfortably in Jakarta as she begins her new life chapter there. So there wasn't any sightseeing or any sort of entertainment. It was purely a side job as a helper....hahhahaha

Anyways, before I flew off to Jakarta...I actually planned out a dinner date with Joanne Wee, remember the blogger sister that I talked about previously? You don't? Well, you can check her out at here >>> Joanne Wee.

And I must say it was one of the best dinner dates ever! Excellent food with good company...what else can a girl ask for, right?

A friend of mine named Raymond (probably knew him since 4 years back?) had just recently opened a restaurant in the heart of PJ with his A-class friend-chef, and he invited me to go over and test out their food.

Honestly, god bless his soul please for introducing, because my mouth, taste buds and tummy were exceptionally 'blessed' that night. Hahaha

Okay, before I start, allow me to briefly introduce to you how did The Starling Bistro came about. Are you a fan of DC? If you are, then this would be another food place for you to add into your favourites simply because its name came about thanks to Star City, which was originally called Starling City in Green Arrow. 

Who would have guessed right? Because in my mind I was thinking since it was located near the new The Starling Mall, so it was in a way associated with that...but nope...my guess was way off the marker.

Anyways, they just opened recently, to be exact on the 15th of October 2017. And though it is a pub, be rest assured that the food that they serve are 100% halal and organic (home-made kind of organic).

The chef that co-runs the place is an A-class Malay Chef from Kelantan that has conquered major hotels like JW Marriot, Armada Hotel, St Regis, Sheraton Hotel, Equatorial Penang, Langkawi Seaview Hotel and he was even invited to cook up a meal during the Hyatt's opening.

So, you should expect beautiful food presentations as well as a blast of tasteful meals to soothe your tongue and tummy.

Of course, if you are into alcoholic beverages too...you will be delighted to know that they have a bar centered in the restaurant/pub, for you and your friends' enjoyment.

Just earlier, I mentioned that they serve like really organic stuff right? Well, that's because...the partners of this venture, actually owns a huge farm up in Genting. They don't even use pesticides to keep their vegetables healthy simply because they have 'fish farmers' doing all the work. Basically, they have large group of fishies to swim, eat and poop. These fishies poop then acts as a fertilizer for the plants...heard of Aquaponic before? If not, Google it.

So...if you are going to combine one of the best chefs in town along with a super organic source of food supplies...I can pretty much vouch for them that you are definitely going to enjoy your meal at The Starling Bistro! (like I did)

If you are wearing a Hijab and feel awkward to step inside of this pub-cum-restaurant...don't be! I took my mom along on our dinner date (because father was away on a work-trip) and she too enjoyed her meal!

Just think of it as going into Zanmai Sushi...they sell halal food and they serve alcohol. Hahaha

Anyways, I think I should stop yapping and show you some of the yummy meals that are served there.

First of, we started with their signature pasta, Pink Sauce Grill Salmon Pasta (RM29.00)

If you love salmon and pasta...then this should be a must try dish on your menu! Their secret pink sauce was definitely making each strand of the pasta that delicious to slurp in. Of course, their fresh crunchy (and incredibly juicy) tomatoes, gave a good balance of texture with the slithery pasta and the rough surface of the grilled salmon.

Then we indulged our taste buds in some good old cheesy pizza, Margarita Pizza. (RM28.00)

If you think Domino's Pizza has the best pizza crusts...I beg to differ because The Starling Bistro's pizza crust feels like you are basically eating biscuits...like literal huge round-shaped biscuits topped with mouth-drooling pizza toppings.

I am not even joking about going there just to get a bite again of their pizza crust. They are definitely not stingy with their cheese and tomatoes either. And do expect to be surprised by their homemade tomato puree!

Then comes in a 'little' seafood dish to mix things up a little, Baked Mussel Cream (RM24.00)

This dish! I tell you it had me drooling for more simply because it had the creamy sauce that tasted very much like "Mentai". You know that slightly fired sauce on top of your Salmon Mentai? Yeap this Mussel dish was generously covered in that sauce!

This was just sooooo good! In the back of my mind, I was hoping I didn't had to share it with mom or Joanne, but oh well...T.T (selfish Yana makes her appearance once in awhile, whenever there's good food involved in the picture)

What's a good dinner without a little grab of meat, right? Well, as our last dish before our dessert, we were served Buffalo Chicken Wings. (RM 22.00)

Mom and Joanne (especially mom) enjoyed this dish the most! Mom being only able to eat certain parts of the chicken was ever so delighted to chow down on these yummy wings. For me, I liked the taste, but I was particularly full at this moment already...hahaha! So, my brain was just kind of reminding me that if you take another bite, you will end up regretting it.

Hence, I didn't end up enjoying it as much...but we did 'take away' the remaining wings. ^^V

And for the finale...we had to 'wash' our palates with the Chocolate Brownie Walnut. (RM15)

Like I said, I was too full at this point, but I still took 3 bites of it...just because it was so good. You know, they could be right, when they said girls have an extra 'stomach' just for desserts.

It was warm, spongy yet crunchy at the same time. The chocolate drip and the juicy strawberry cuts made the whole dessert worth the extra pounds. Hahaha

I hope I didn't make you too hungry with this post...but on a personal level, I would definitely dine in The Starling Bistro again even though the meals are on a pricey side. Hey, it's not always one gets to enjoy a meal cooked by one of the top chefs in the industry, right? 

Plus, alcohol beverages are wayyyyyy more expensive anyways...just saying.

Do let me know if you are interested to visit this place and try out their meals or if you have already been there, let me know what do you think of their meals in the comment box below!

Till the next post...see you!



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  2. Wow such a nice dinner date with Joanne. Next time want to join. The pizza look so tempting.

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