Art Inspiration: My Top 7 Favourite From Lillian Liu

Today I came across an amazing photographer cum digital artist's work and I immediately told myself that I must share it with you. As if a lightning has struck upon me, going through Lillian Liu's artworks were such an eye opener, inspiration and a motivation!

This year one of my goals was to create more makeup tutorials and vlogs, remember?

And having to come across this amazing lady's photography and digital painting triggered the determination in me to produce such artistic work too. I am pretty sure she wasn't the one who did the makeup for her models but in general how the overall look and outcome of the photos is what I aim to achieve.

May I remind you that I am a pretty lousy Photoshop user (despite being a designer - I am more of a Illustrator person).

It's definitely going to be a challenge...but it is one challenge that I am willing to partake in order to bring out the best in me.

Let me share with you some of my favourites from Lillian Liu and if you too have fallen in love with her absolutely awesome skills, don't forget to follow her on Instagram!

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