What I Loved About Macau

Just last year before I switched jobs, I was given the opportunity to travel to Macau and Hong Kong within the period of 5 days (1 day in Macau and the rest of the days in Hong Kong) to cover for a campaign under a brand. It was definitely a rushed trip because it was essentially a job and we had to cover all the places that were highlighted by the client.

So yes...the team literally had to run up and down the streets with the travelling bags and eventually (some of us) broke the wheels of those bags.

But all said and done...it was certainly an experience-filled journey!

So with that being said, for those of you who are going or at least planning a trip to Macau, these are the two places that MUST be in your travelling itinerary!

The House of Dancing Waters and The Macau Tower!

Even if you are going with friends or families or just with your partner, these two places are bound to open up delight and boundaries you never knew that could satisfy your senses that much.

You know I am that much eager to share with you all the pictures that I took when I was at The House of Dancing Waters, but I will not do that...simply because I want you to crave to be there for the show itself.

What I am about to show you is merely the beauty of the show...but when you are in the audience seat and watching it unveil itself in front of you with the intensity of the visuals, the eargasm orchestra, the abstract lighting, the mind-blowing technicality and the heart-pounding stunts that goes into the show...it something you deserve to watch and experience with your own body.

What a sight, right? Now, from my knowledge of their official website itself, they do have ongoing promotions and roughly their tickets are ranged from RM250-RM500. I would say this show is worth your every penny.

Heck, even I want to go to see this show again when I visit Macau in the near future!

But of course, there are other travelling apps that you can probably use to book the tickets with for a much cheaper price. So, Google them up and choose the best offer that suits you.

If you want to challenge yourself just because you have a checklist of goals that you need to tick off or you are just purely an adrenaline junkie, then The Macau Tower is the right place for you.

Let me tell you beforehand, that I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to anything related to height because my knees just get weak that way. I am the type that can barely look down from the top of a long staircase, so braving up myself to walk on top, outside and around the infamous tower was just another lifetime achievement of mine.

Which I absolutely encourage you to do it for yourself too! Walking out on to the platform was nerve-wrecking (I could literally feel my soul getting sucked away) and they even guide you on how to sit on a 338-meter high ledge while staring to the ground right pass your helplessly dangling feet - I can't even describe what thoughts and feelings that were going through my brain at that point of time.

But! Once the sky walk was done...I felt like a new person! And this I am not kidding or even exaggerating. Height was always one of my fear to overcome and I had never imagined the day would come where I would be walking on one of the world's tallest skyscrapers. Having done that, I felt like "If I could do this...I can do anything else"

And that my dear readers is one of the most fulfilling feelings that you can achieve in your lifetime.

Honestly, if we weren't trying to catch our ferry ride, I am pretty sure I would have wanted to try the Bungee Jump. But it's okay...Macau is still on my travelling wishlist, so I am darn sure the next visit, I will dive into the skies of Macau then.

I also want to do a little shout out to the Hotel Sintra Macau for the super cosy night stay that we had. If you are wondering where you should spend the night in Macau, do take this hotel in for consideration.

It's facade misleads you to think that the place is run down or something but the inside of the building is where it will just blow your mind. I never knew such a small place could look and feel so grand.

Their bathrooms even have a tub - and a very fancy one at that!

Oh and if you have the time and energy...as night falls, walk around this beautiful city. It's almost as if you are walking in a movie set or a sci-fi fantasy world. Every corner is an amazing sight.

I hope this will spike your interest of travelling to Macau...and if you are going to visit my suggested  places, please do share with me, your thoughts of them.

Also, if there are other places that you think I must not miss out on my next Macau trip, fill me in on that too in the comment box below. Have a safe trip and be awesome!


  1. I love Macau too. I would like to re visit this place one day. Did you try on the milk curd dessert? I love that so much during my visit there.

  2. Macau is my dream place, still in my wishlist..oh my god you tried walking on the platform? so scary...if you pay me RM500 i don't think i can do it...but agree 100% that Macau is a nice place..i wish i can visit Macau one day

  3. Haven't been to Macau but love to see all the scenes and events you've shared. Great experience especially walking on the sky walk.. fuhh.. i'm not sure whether i dare to do it or not.. kinda scared of height too haha. Nice sharing :)

  4. I love Macau.. Hopefully I can holiday at Macau and my wishlist become true! Because my husband really love to go there.. Can u share more about Macau trip?

  5. Boleh masuk dalam I punya wishlist nie. Bestnya ke Macau! Harap dapat pergi ke sana nanti

  6. Cantik Macau.. baca entry u aje dah buat i rasa berada di sana.. gayatnyaaaa... Teringin nak pergi skybox kat KL tower tu..tapi takut...hehehehee hebat la yana

  7. Haven't been to Macau but i always dreams that i will be there one day. Agree with you that Macau is a nice place to travel

  8. i haven't been to macau.
    but have a few macau gifts.
    my elder sister went there for a business trip.
    and know a lot about macau from tv.
    nice place. happening.

  9. Wah never tot dat macau can be so interesting...tapi kannnn...i takut tinggi...so the second one tu mesti i xpergi..bahahhaha..dasar penakut kan

  10. so good.. nowadays macau is so interesting d... I had been there but many many years ago.. looks so different now.. shall plan one trip there again..

  11. I've been wanting to visit Hong Kong and Macau since like forever. I should be travelling to Hong Kong and Macau last year but it was cancelled due to work. Will include these places in my itinerary for my trip to Macau

  12. The House Of Dancing Water show looks so nice but ticket price is very steep. Wish to visit Macao again since my last trip in 2006. Must have lots of changes since my last visit.

  13. Pernah sekali ke macau beberapa tahun lepas. sebuah negara yang cukup damai. takpuas jalan-jalan. rasamacam nak ke sana lagi

  14. im so interested dengan height tu, i fobia sikit tengok orang terjun dari atas walaupun dengan tali keselamatan I pun dapat terasa dia punya gayat tu, bravo babeee


  15. wahhh best p macau dan hongkong! benda yg saya nak p tahun ni. so entry ni akan menjadi rujukan trip sy akan dtg!

  16. I go to macao twice and the first time try bungee jump. And enjoy the best Portuguese Tart and some almond biscuit. Will definitely go back to Macao.

  17. Awh loved the pictures that were taken dear. I went to HK before and the sights were amazing. I couldn't stop by Macau though but it looks like it was such a splendid experience.

  18. I miss this place so much and hope to go batch there again. Been full in schedule if meeting... Arrgghhhh...


  19. Yes! I love Macau too, the vibrant city with lots of entertainment, food and live. I was there many years ago I bet now its even more happening than before. Should go there again soon.