Happy International Empowering Women's Day

To all the women out there from every walks of life, here's a shout out just for you!

"You are an amazing individual with so much potential that it could even scare away the god of death himself!"

In light with the occasion, I thought it would only make sense for me to drop some bombs of encouragement for those who are/have been feeling not-so-great about themselves lately.

But first of all, let me remind you that you are not a machine and that you deserve a pat on your back and a spa retreat.

So let's get down to some serious boost of motivation that we all need!

#1 Be Proud Of Who You Are

If you don't appreciate yourself, why are you expecting others to do so? Always, be proud of who you are. Your past has shaped you to be this powerful woman that has survived all the ups and downs till you can now easily conquer the present and prepare yourself for the future.

#2 Acknowledge Yourself

There's nothing wrong in acknowledging your efforts no matter how big or small they are. Hey, at this point even successfully folding the freshly-out-of-the-dryer clothes is a huge achievement especially after a long and stressful working day, on top of having to deal with the mini-yous.

#3 There's Nothing You Should Be Afraid

This is coming from a person who barely had the guts to talk in front of an inanimate object let alone to conduct a training session. But here I am, speaking and teaching other empowering women on how to put on their best look forward.

#4 Stop Hesitating

Don't hesitate in making yourself better. If you think you are at your best right now, do me a favor and challenge yourself with the same task but do it differently this time. And I dare you to tell me, that you could have not done it better all this while. Chances are, I would have won that dare.

#5 Never Limit Yourself

Honestly, the worst case scenario, is to die trying something new. But even then, knowing that it took guts, hell lot of courage and motivation to do that 'new' thing, you are basically conquering life itself!

Throw that fear away! Get rid of those nerves! And start conquering life ladies!


  1. Replies
    1. Happy women's day to you too darling!

  2. Selamat hari wanita juga buat semua wanita di luar :)

    Wanita sekarang perlu tingkatkan ilmu dan kemahiran. Kena pandai berdikari agar dapat bersaing dengan aliran dunia yang semakin maju. Tidak ada apa yang akan menghalang kita untuk berjaya. Walaupun begitu, kasih sayang jangan dilupakan. Family first :)

  3. We are what we are.
    Gender equality.
    Yes, never limit ourselves.
    Percaya. Kuat. Ladies zaman sekarang kena yakin. Tak boleh dah dok bwk tempurung.

  4. Selamat hari wanita..

    Betul..wanita sekarang kena berdikari, perlu dalami kemahiran ... Supaya bila apa2 terjadi kat husband, boleh independent sendiri... Dan peduli apa orang kata... Kita wanita nampak lemah tapi orang tak nampak kita ni kuat utk tempuh selepasnya..

  5. yesza...wanita sekarang sangat- sangat komited, berani sahut cabaran dan kuat hadapi dugaan kehidupan..tak macam wanita zaman dulu yang terlalu bergantung pada lelaki..Selamat hari wanita buat semua wanita cekal di dunia

  6. Happy Women's Day to you too. We really need to stand up and show to the man that we, women can do whatever man are capable to do it.

  7. Some might call it equality but I always go for empowerment as I have always inculcate in sisters that they need to be independent and strong on their own. Their husband will always be their extra arms so yeah - Happy Women's Day to all the lovely, beautiful and strong souls out there.

  8. Selamat Hari wanita sedunia. Banyak tanggungjawab wanita dari kecil sampai ke tua. Semoga kita terus kuat mengharungi cabaran kehidupan.

  9. Agree with all points. Sebagai wanita kita diberikan pelbagai kekuatan. Terutama untuk keyakinan diri. Kadang memang nampak lemah, tapi sebenarnya banyak kekuatan dalaman dan emosi yang kita ada

  10. Selamat Hari Wanita. Sebagai wanita kita kena yakin pada diri. Kena kuat semangat. Sebenarnya kita wanita nih lebih kuat drp lelaki.

  11. Memang banyak tanggungjawab wanita tambahan sebagai ibu. Btw, peranan bapa pun tak ada kurangnya. But msot of the time memang part perempuan lah paling penat. Hehe. Noted for all the tips given. Happy women's day to all!

  12. thank you ! Happy international women day, banyak tanggungjawab wanita dari kecil tua, sebagai anak sebagai isteri sebagai ibu fuh memang challenging ! :)

  13. happy internationaln day kepada semua yang bergelar wanita !

  14. Happy International Empowering Women's Day to u dan juga kepada semua wanita di dunia ini... Sajat terkecuali ek hahahaha

  15. Happy international womens empowerment and no ladies for us. Men have to care for women because we need each other.

  16. I love all motivation words that you shared. Its’s not easy to be a success woman but it’s much easier to be a good woman

  17. Selamat hari wanita buat semua wanita. Berbangga lah dengan diri kita sebagai seorang ibu, kakak, adik perempuan, anak perempuan..wanita sangat kuat dan penyabar

  18. Great advice for women to build up confidence in life. It's not easy to be a successful person but at least we try.

  19. Yes! women should support each other instead of other wise. I hope to see more and more independent, inspiring and successful women in the world.

  20. this is so true about women and great to read about this. could inspired many women out there - Rach

  21. babe, you're right for the number 1 <3