NYX Cosmetics Is Now Available At Sunway Pyramid

Are you a makeup lover or you just have an intense need of hoarding makeup products? If you said yes then this post is just perfect for you.

By now, you would have come across or even heard about NYX Cosmetics, correct? If you do not know this yet, NYX has one of the widest range of makeup products and colours across their palettes!

And just a month ago NYX had an announcement that made many felt immediately at home as they launch their grand opening at Sunway Pyramid. Yes! People they opened an outlet at Sunway Pyramid!

Now there are more reasons to visit the PJ-people's favourite mall, pile up on makeup products and look prepped up all day long.

The crowd was massive during the launch, so much so that I had to re-visit the store on another day to take clearer pictures of the outlet. Want to know how massive the crowd was? Click here: Instagram

What I love about NYX is that they have all the colours one could ever need for a makeup look. Just walking through the aisles feels like heaven! Look at the variety of colours and amount of products that are on the shelves!

They even have a Beauty Bar! So if you want to test out some of their makeup products or just to beautify yourself, you are more than welcomed to do so. You can always ask for help from the friendly staffs there too.

Oh! And I think it is completely adorable that they have this wall purely dedicated for their fans. A wall perfect for selfies, don't you think so?

It wouldn't have been a productive day if I didn't take the opportunity to shop a little, right? Plus, on their day of launching there was a huge discount, so why not?!

Here are the items that I bought and received for attending the event as a blogger. I tried to come up with 3 different looks using each set and some with the help of a trusty black eyeliner of mine.

The first look is The Rosy:

The second look is The Shy Unicorn:

The third look is The Abstract Idiot:

Hahaha...I actually had fun messing around with all the colours. And this is probably the first time I have played with that much colour under 2 hours. 

What do you think of each look? Let me know in the comment box below.


  1. conteng conteng sikit pun dah nampak cantik..

  2. Nyx is one of my fav brand. Affordable and many product can choose from. U r so talented to create every look !

  3. indeed, NYX is a very famous brand among make up lovers out there. Congratulations NYX for launching their new physical store in Sunway. My mom will freak out if she heard this news. Cant wait to tell her !

  4. aaaa i loveeeee this kind of event! I’m a makeup lover makeup addict makeup junkies hahahah! It’s kind of some pleasure even by just looking, or having fun a bit with those makeup stuff right! Gonna going crazy in there playing with those babies hehe. And I dig their wall, super cute for selfies! And I love your abstract look, love that unique and colourful abstract 👍🏿😁

  5. Its a well known brand but the price still affordable. I love the lipstick colours - varieties and vibrants

  6. I was there too babe! The crowd is huge. I love your makeup look here btw, so cool.

  7. At my very first glance, I thought that poster girl is actually u Li Ya Na. I am a make up lover cum hoarder I guess. So this post has somehow enlighten me. Lon live cosmetics!

  8. I find the abstract look looks really unique and special. Sometimes it’s fun to play around with makeup. I was there on the opening as well, it was really packed!

  9. Great event, veriety of makeup choices and famous brand indeed.. definately a great news for all makeup lovers especially those in Sunway area... cool! :)

  10. I was there too at the launch and had such a fun time shopping, I just love NYX products! Always a great choice btw your makeup skill is just awesome, I love the first look!

  11. Omg u have a good talent in makeup. Btw I love Nyx product too. Will drop by there where reach KL.

  12. I was there too, their new collections and colors are awesome, da bomb. I like all your 3 looks especially the The Abstract Idiot

  13. Pndainya yana make up funky look gitu...
    I hope nyx will find their way to penang soon😅

  14. i pergi jugak.masa pergi tuh dh rambang mata tak tahu nak beli apa.tapi sempat jugak grab 4 brg..memg mekap nyx best best

  15. omg never know the color is super pigmented look at the last photo of the geometric art on your face.. i havent try yet the box also

  16. wow, dah ada di sunway pyramid..good lah..produk yang femes sangat ni..

  17. whoaa! pandainya makeup! :)


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