Obsessed With Shyan Korean Nail Polish

Wanting to treat yourself to a spa manicure but don't want to burn your purse in the process? Why don't opt for home manicure? Not only it helps to beautify your nails at almost zero cost but you will also be able to 'zone out' for a moment; leaving all your worries and stress behind.

If you are someone like me, whom always want to save on money but still enjoy the little pleasures in life, then having a set of nail polish at home would do you more good than harm; if you are into 'painting' your nails that is.

But that's just painting your nails, what happened to the whole 'spa' experience? Patience, my love, where there's a will there's always a way.

There a few things I do before I get into the nail 'painting' session, which usually includes, scrubbing my palms with an organic scrub, then I will massage it with either an essential oil or a hand moisturizing cream that has a mild but calming scent...only then I would move on to shaping and buffering my nails just before I get into the 'painting' session.

Some of you might say that all of these items put together would cost even more than a single trip to the nail parlour. Yes! It probably will, but if you think of it in the long term, you will easily save your money. As there is no way that you can finish up 5 bottles of nails polish within a single manicure session, right? See my point.

Anyways, back in December I saw many beauty bloggers were showing off their monthly themed box from Althea which at that time were promoting the With Shyan nail polishes. And I just fell in love with the colours! 

Prior to watching all the amazing reviews, I already had owned one(Dusty Rose) With Shyan nail polish that came with another Althea themed box that I purchased earlier. So, I knew exactly how easy it was to apply.

But after seeing all the swatches, I was determined to add more colours to my collection, which led me to do a haul in January. Here are my favourite colours out of the bunch:

Before I show you my version of the swatches, allow me to share with you a few good points of the product.

The Good:

1) Easy to apply
2) Doesn't require a clear coating
3) It's pretty durable (I have gone for more than 2 weeks before it started chipping off)
4) The colours are amazing!

The Bad:

Althea doesn't sell it anymore! I have no idea why either. So, probably trying to find this nail polish online will get a little harder.

Oh well, I am just going to count my blessings that I bought them before they were discontinued from Althea. Overall, I spent RM70 ( RM14 each ) for my new With Shyan nail polish set. I would say that's a pretty good deal!

#1 Dusty Rose

#2 Flower Drift

#3 Moon Light

#4 Rainy Season

#5 Sea Wind

#6 Sweater

What do you think of all these colours? Do you have a favourite among them? Let me know in the comment box below. Hope you will enjoy your next pampering session!


  1. Nice colour.. dulu, yang selalu nampak hanya redha colour saja...skrg dah pelbagai boleh digayakan.

  2. wow! great selection of colour range...

    Korean products are always great for beauty.. nice nail colours!

  3. Warna semua cantik.dah tak perlu nak buat kat saloon sebab ianya mudah je nak apply kat rumah..cantik bila kena dekat kuku

  4. All the colors are nice but i more prefer flower drift and sea wind color. Looks beauty and nice

  5. I love you fingers and nail. So runcing and nice. The colors for this collection super awesome. I would love the #6 Sweater.

  6. Cantik cantik color With Shyan Nail polish nih. Nama color pun unik-unik je. hehe..kaum lelaki tengok je la kan, rare sangat tengok lelaki guna nail polish nih..hehe

  7. Wow...so cantik..semua colour cantik la...you have a very nice fingers dear..this is what woman loves most kan...i always apply when i/m having my pms..after that no more..hahaha...

  8. That dusty rose and sea wind so Beautiful but all color so pretty
    Should get one so tempted to buy

  9. Dalam banyak-banyak colour tu kinah suka flower drift and sweater. Yana punya kuku cantik , jari pulak runcing memang kena la semua warna dengan yana.

  10. Love all the color collection very nice & bright. Lama tak buat home manicure. Selalu pergi salun sebab busy kan. Takde masa untuk diri sendiri.

  11. banyak betul koleksi nail polish ingat selalu kaler merah jer :) rasa lelaki suka wanita pakai kaler lembut2.

  12. I love the earth tone colors so much, my sister loves doing her own manicure, will share this with her, she'll love it!

  13. I love the dusty rose so much. It seem you no need apply one layer coating as the nail polish itself shinning. All the colour are nice.

  14. I have the dusty rose I got one I love how natural the Color looks on my fingernails I feel sweet and cute when wearing those nails...

  15. Oh my I love all the colors that you have especially the Dusty Rose, Moon Light and Rainy Season. It has been a while I paint my nails, should get back to it soon.

  16. keren lah nih bagus warnanya aku suka lihat nya .. terlihat semakin cantik dengan shyn korea