Althea Bare Essentials, The Biggest Gossip Of 2018 Is Here!

Just a couple weeks back, I posted on my Facebook announcing that I had the one of the biggest reveals of 2018... and just last Friday, I did a live session gossiping about it.

If you want to know what I talked about in full, you can check out this link: WATCH IT HERE!
However, allow me to give you a fair warning that it is an hour long video.

Don't worry! I am going to share with you, a run down of it, in this post right here.

*whisper* So read on carefully as this is or at least was supposed to be a hush-hush thing, because it is a secret...but I just couldn't help myself from sharing the best Korean skin care products of 2018 with everyone I know. *squeals*

As you should know by now, I am a huge fan of Althea simply because they have the best beauty brands and products from Korea that are selling off at super affordable prices. And just recently, they gave themselves a facial uplift that I fangirl-ed about it on my Facebook. Check out their new website layout >>> HERE!

Just before they upgraded their website, Althea released a new range of skin care products under their own name. Obviously, Miss Absolutely-In-Love-With-Althea over here, was super pumped to get her hands on the full range to try them out!

This new range consisted of a Contour Cleanser, Primer Water, and a Fixer Cream.

I am just going to fangirl a little while longer and appreciate their minimalism.

Okay, so as I was revealing what was in the Althea Box that arrived at my doorstep the other day, I also shared a few secrets of mine which I intend to also share them out in this post. They will be revealed at the end of this post.

But for now, let me tell you what I received in the box. On top of the new Althea Bare Essentials skin care products, I also received a special Althea hand-held mirror (the item that I am holding in the first picture), 5 product samples and a marble coaster all the way from South Korea.

These 5 product samples will be given to the winners of the Ecowell Facial Rose Mist. ^^

The marble coaster that was included in this box was a special gift from Tammy Lim - the mother of all unicorns, mermaid and other mythical being. Who doesn't love marble-themed items these days, right? And now that I have my very own real marble prop, I feel like I can leave this world peacefully. *dramatic faint*

If you too love marble-themed props and holders, you can get them from a local producer, Bentuk Bentuk Handmade Concrete Decor. They have a wide range of beautiful decors to be owned by you.

(pictures were sourced from their page)

Now, allow me to share with you, my personal thoughts about each product.

#1 Contour Cleanser

First thought, how would a cleanser be able to contour my face? After using it, only, I realised that due to it's thick consistency (almost like a clay mask), it helps to tighten the saggy areas of the skin. It sort of firms up the skin as it cleanses away the dirt and makeup residue off my face.

Best way to use this is to squeeze a little amount of cleanser onto your palm then create a foamy texture by adding water and rubbing the substance in circular motion. Once, it has come to your desired density of the foaminess, lather on to your face.

Very mildly scented and my skin definitely feels more refreshed, cleaner and brighter after the wash every time.

#2 Primer Water

It definitely feels more like an essence than water. It has certainly helped to even up the tones of my skin and lighten some scars. It also functions as a primer, whereby it helps to lock whatever else skin care product that you are going to wear on top of this product.

I noticed that it also makes the process of applying foundation much smoother and faster.

I also feel that it works very well as a moisturiser.

#3 Fixer Cream

This cream is highly moisturising, that's for sure! I love using this product in the morning as it helps to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day and doesn't promote excessive oil secretion.

I do, however, avoid using this product at night, because I have the tendency of smothering my face on my pillow at night, and this makes the oil beads at my chin area pop up the very next day. Probably, it's some kind of chemical reaction.

Overall verdict? I am truly happy that this range of products are working very well on my skin as I do have a sensitive skin. And if something is heavily chemical based, or too harsh, my skin would have had breakouts the very next day.

Seeing how, for the past two weeks, I was able to maintain a pimple-free face...I can definitely vouch that the Althea Bare Essentials will most likely work for you too!

And now the time to reveal my secrets has come...

#Secret No.1

I already opened up the box and re-arranged the items in it to look more presentable during the live session.

#Secret No.2

I despised makeup before I started modelling. It was only because I had to train myself to put on basic makeup for freelance gigs and modelling shoots, that kind of triggered the habit of buying makeup products.

#Secret No.3

I used to have massive pimple breakouts when I was 19! It was so embarrassing that I refused to go to my classes or to even step out of the house.

#Secret No.4

I created a skin care technique that helps me to keep the pimples away! Basically, alternate between two different cleansers everyday - it can be from different brands. This concept hit me, when I realised my skin always looked better when I tried on a new product. 

But eventually, after a month or so, when my skin gets used to the product, my hormones will take over, and the pimples will come back up again. So I kind of did a 'math calculation', and decided to use this same concept or rather approach by using two very different cleansing products each day.

For example, Monday = Cleanser A, Tuesday = Cleanser B, Wednesday = Cleanser A, Thursday = Cleanser B and so on.

Basically, my skin is being tricked to think that it is 'encountering' new cleansers everyday but in actual fact, it has already gotten used to the chemicals of both cleansers.

So, if you have similar skin sensitivity and hormonal imbalance like me, you could try this technique out. I experimented 3 months plus with this method, to see the significant change.

I guess, that's about all the secrets that I have for today...I hope this new Althea Bare Essentials skin care products has captured your interest and I also hope that my secret cleansing technique will help those of you who have been constantly battling it out in the pimple war zone.

Have a great day and all the best!


  1. Yup bare essential memang produk terbaik. Sis dah gunakan dan lps ni memang nak teruskan pakai produk ni sebab memang sesuai dengan kulit wajah sis

  2. Bestnya. Nampak perubahan sebelum dan selepas pakai lah. Tertarik pulak I tengok. Ramai yang dah bergosip pasal bare assentials Althea ni.

  3. Menarik juga ek produk Althea ni.
    No wonder ramai blogger yang guna.

    Fungsi pun pelbagai. Sesuai untuk kulit

  4. Suka tengok produk Korean ni. Mesti tube besar, botol besar. Pakai sampai berbulan dan jimat banyak. Elok produk macam ni di amalkan kalau nak kulit semulus gadis Korea. Hehe

  5. Agree, sangat- sangat puas hati dengan Bare Essentials..pek ekonomi dengan botol2 dan tube yg very exclusive..harga memang tak mahal dan mampu milik..thanks to Althea sebab perkenalkan produk ni kepada blogger

  6. Wow ! Very effective ya this product. I can see the different in the before n after photos. Korean products are great. No wonder lot of people using them.

  7. Tak pernah cuba produk ni tapi tertarik dengan produk ni sebab nampak putih. Rasa bersih je....harga yang mampu milik tu penting sebab ekonomi sekarang not so good.

  8. Wahh. Bagus teknik secret #4. Bella pun kdg3 bila pakai terlalu lama 2 produk nmpk mcm tak ok. Naik juga jerawat. Kdg3 swap juga dgn cleanser lain. Tak sangka this technique beekesan. Btw jeles korang dpt bnyk produk Althea. Bnyk produk dia! Huhu

  9. I just tried this product too.. nice...I like the difference...

  10. Tengok ramai yang guna skincare ni. Nak juga kalau boleh dapat skin macam orang korea. Hehehe. Jerawat dan parut jerawat nak menempek di muka ni

  11. Wah best nih produk kecantikannya. Kualitas bagus sehingga banyak.pun orang yang memakainya. Wajahnya nanti bisa jadi kinclong gegara pakai produk ini ya

  12. so many benefits from this 3 steps simple to beauty product. i wanna try that too!!! let's see what is the price in their website.. thanks for sharing babe!!!

  13. I actually kinda fall in love with the minimalist packaging. Feels like it was so exclusive and lux like that.

  14. Love all your photos. KIta tak cuba2 lagi Bare Essential ni. Tapi ramai dah cakap kesan dia sangat ketara pada kulit. Nak cepat cuba lah & nak tengok kesan sendiri.

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  16. I read many good reviews about this products and now i m so keen to try it too. the packaging is really clean and chic.

  17. Baguslah Althea dah ada produk sendiri. Packaging pun simple je. Would love to try one.

  18. hai ain datang singgah sini dan follow awak. salam perkenalan :)
    sincerely , farahain zfa

  19. Best sangat set Bare Essentials dari Althea ni. Sekarang Ros pun sedang menggunakannya. Yeayyy sesuai dengan kulit Ros. Primer water tu yang paling best dan rasa nak pakai selalu! Hihi