b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Is A Must Have Skincare Product

Once again, I have stumbled upon an amazing skincare product, the b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask. I am simply speechless at the moment, as I wasn't expecting to see instant results after just ONE-TIME use.

It's crazy!

Many times, I have heard people raving about skincare products from the brand b.liv, and only today, I realized what I was missing out on.

After trying out the b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask, I really felt like I should purchase a few more of their other skincare products to see if they are as efficient as this mask.

Allow me to share with you, my first impressions of the product itself, first okay?

PACKAGING | As you know by now, I am totally into minimalism, so I fell head over heels for it. Like, if I were to walk in an aisle filled with face masks, this would be one of the few face masks that would get me interested.

SCENT | I was actually thrown-off a bit with its scent, not in a bad way though. You know facial masks usually have a 'face mask' scent? (I don't know if this makes any sense but you would probably understand me, if you are also into trying out different face masks all the time).

This face mask in particular has a 'lotion' scent to it, similar to those hand creams. It was a 'comfortable' scent, probably because it was a familiar scent? 

TEXTURE | I find it to be more on the light-weight side of cream based products. It definitely has a smooth and slightly runny texture to it as well. Of course, you can also feel the little red soft beads in the cream.

SENSATION | You will experience an extremely smooth sensation as you massage the product onto your skin. And almost instantaneously, you will feel the light tickling sensation as the cream progressively turns into soft foams.

Once the soft bubbles 'go away', you will probably get into a confusing situation as I did, simply because your skin will feel like you just slabbed on a highly moisturizing cream. And this may prompt you to think that you don't have to wash the mask off your face, but no, you really need to wash the mask off with lukewarm water.

RESULTS | Instant brightening effect! And I am not even joking. It really feels like the red soft beads that released vitamin E oil onto my skin, helped to rejuvenate my skin. And not forgetting the O2 bubble that helped oxidize the impurities that clogged up my pores.

I am pretty sure that the rice powder in the cream was the hero in brightening my skin and making it one shade lighter. And the best part is that, I did not feel 'stripped down' at all! Usually, masks like this tend to strip away moisture as well, but that's really not the case for the b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask. I can vouch this!

It is said that with consistent usage of this product, you will be able to achieve a much better complexion as well as enhance the absorption and the effectiveness of your other skincare products. So, I am totally looking forward to see my face glow in the next few rounds of using this mask.

As a firm conclusion, I would definitely recommend you to get your hands on the b.liv O2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating Mask. For a 50g tub, it will cost you RM99. But because you are an awesome reader of mine, from now till 13th May 2018, you will be able to enjoy a RM10 discount with this personalized code:

So, what are you waiting for? Faster, go get one now!


  1. It's my favourite mask too! I can feel my skin is brighter and refreshing!

  2. Wow nice product to try. Such a different product for skincare. But nice. Thanks for sharing

  3. ok..kita xpernah try jenama bliv ni. tp tgk review ramai kata best... yg yana guna ni pon nmpk beza sikit.... mask jenis cream kan? boleh la nk cuba nnti... mcm best je tgok

  4. Not bad produk. Harga pon affordable

    1. Wahhh lepasni makin meletop kebabomlaa.. bertambah comel la awk nnti.ena klu bab2-produk ni suka tgk bekas dia comel x. Hehe.

  5. I've used b.liv before and loved it but have changed into a different brand. Wouldn't mind going back to it again since the product works.

  6. aida memang wajib pakai mask 2-3 kali seminggu.
    yg ni aida lom pernah try, yana. one day in shaa Allah.
    mask penting. lepas pakai memang kulit kita rasa over segar :)

  7. Wah namlak bagus dan memarik masknih b.liv nih.nak juga try sebab ramai cakap bagus mask b.liv O2 ni. Tengok kulit muka yana pun nampak perbezaan.nak cari juga nanti di drugstore yang ada

  8. Wah, nice ni.
    Boleh pegi cari. Kadang-kadang suka jugak pakai mask-mask ni.
    Sebab kadang-kadang rasa hilang stress kat muka bila pakai mask.

    Guy sesuai pakai tak? And where to get?

  9. trust me ive tried this product ! it actually really good to cleanse the dirt pores.. it helps to unclog it... ;)skin feels so refreshing and breathable !

  10. My favorite mask right now. Always apply before sleep. Love the result after use it and
    My skin become softer.

  11. I like the packaging of the mask. Simple yet interesting.
    Got so many good review on this product. I think i need to get it one too. Plus i love to hear how great the result after one time apply.

  12. I like the mask so much especially the bubble appear when apply on the face. And it helps to eliminate the dirt in my pores. I bring the mask with me when travel.

  13. Comel je packaging mask tu. Akak selalu suka beli mask yang kertas packet tu. Kotak dan tepek kat muka. Nanti nak cuba b. Liv ni. Botol kecil tu bawa travel dan balik kampung pun mudah. Hehe

  14. Really best...i'm a bit confused when apply this mask..but i felt the tickling bubble on my face i got excited..i would recommend to others too..worth buying

  15. can see the difference before and after...never try this product before this..after read this review..i dont mind to try it...it's worth buying...

  16. Boleh try ! Not bad ! Berbaloi ke beli dan try eh? So far tak pernah dengar dengan jenama ni..Memang suka mask tapi jarang nak pakai masks sebab busy. haha bila muka dah gelap dah sunburn baru terfikir bestnyaa kalau ada mask! kena try beli ni kot

  17. nampak kulit yana berbeza sebelum dan selepas.. ada bubble tu yang TB suka tu.. TB takde lagi maask yang macam ni.. nak juga try satu.. hehehe

  18. I used the product too! Idk if I like it because of the product is good or because I like the bubbly effect. HAha

  19. pernah dengar pasal produk bliv ni, tapi tak pernah guna..nampak best la..you pakai nampak syok pula..hehee..nee to looks this product..bubbly2 ya

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