How To Throw The Best Unicorn Party

Are you secretly a unicorn? Ever wondered how you could throw the best unicorn party in town? Let me share with you some of the main highlights any unicorn party must have!

Before you blow your horns; asking me how I know so much on how to throw a unicorn party...well...let's just say that I just recently traded my soul to the land of everything pastel and fluffy for a chance to attend the most magical birthday celebration hosted by The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

Who is The Butterfly Project Malaysia, you ask? Only the best beauty blogger community in the country, yo! Pssst...they are already at their 5th glorious year.

Hold up, why the best? *clears throat* Obviously because it is run by the mother of all unicorns, pixies, mermaids and other magical beings, Tammy Lim - not forgetting all the awesome and inspiring beauty bloggers in it too!

Having the sudden urge of joining the big family? You can always drop by and say hi at The Butterfly Project Malaysia.

Okay...let's get back to business, shall we? So, here are the list of things that you would need in order to be crowned the best self-party planner:

#1 A Magical Venue

Getting a place that can host every kind of simple-to-funky theme that you could think of is certainly the best option. Of course, if there's a handsome prince and a real-life unicorn at the venue even better! The size of the venue should also be taken into consideration. But above all, make sure that the place has a comfy environment as well as friendly staffs.

#2 Everything-in-Pastel-and-Glitter Decorations

Make sure there's a lot of sparkles and pastel decorative pieces laid across the room against a minimal wall to make things pop! Obviously, balloons with unique patterns is a must in these kind of events. You can look up brrrloon as they have super adorable perfectly-unicorn-themed balloons. And never underestimate the appearance of the food that is being catered for the party - it's a make it or brake it deal. You wouldn't want to enter a themed-party that serves bland-looking food, right? Oh, hell no!

photo credits to: fishmeatdie

Pay close attention to the minor details too! For example personalised thank you cards, event/itinerary fun cards and coupons or vouchers that are tied to the event.

#3 Get Creative And Explore All The Fun Interactive Ideas 

What's a party without some excitement and games, right? Take it from the queen of party-planning, Tammy; she made sure her unicorns would have ample amounts of memories captured with the help of GNG Studiobooth - who also happens to have the latest technology incorporating our all-time-favourite Boomerang feature!

Nothing comes easy these days in the matter of art; and with that being said, unicorns at the party were given a little task of 'making' their very own signature balloons. Getting crafty in a middle of a huge crowd can be exciting and nerve-wrecking at the same time - but that's the whole point of a party in the first place!

Once again, brrrloon played a heroic role in this by supplying us a three-tiered holder of coloured markers and a blank-unicorn-balloon canvas; waiting to be filled with our creativity. And the best part is, you can smash the center of the balloon to inflate it. So, whoever that's having anxiety issues or just wanna release some steam, you can always opt for this as a solution. The cuteness will overcome your anger, in 60 seconds.

After all that hard work in creating your very own iconic balloon, obviously, you need to reward yourself...and one of the best ways to do it is to receive a bouquet of flowers! Everyday Flowers stepped up their party game plan by giving us the chance to personalise our very own bouquet, ON THE SPOT! Me being a complete FFF (fool for flowers), was just too pleased to receive a flower - even though technically is me sending it to me...but I have a bouquet of flowers and you don't so...*flips unicorn hair*

Oh! Throwing in a Best-Dressed competition in the whole event would also spice things up a little. Of course, this is one of the way to get the unicorns to be in full bloom (expressing their creativity) and to nurture a healthy competitive lifestyle.

Have you ever heard of an adoption session in a party before? I bet you haven't! Well, thanks to mamasan Tammy, the guardian of unicorns, Anis and 50Gram, us magical beings got to LITERALLY adopt a unicorn, each! And we even have a certificate to prove our adoption - try beating that you unicorn-wannabes.

#4 Don't Let Them Walk Away Empty Handed

Door gifts are essential for any party! The party never just stops at the end of the event - if it does than you are doing a pretty bad job at hosting one. But don't worry, I got your back!

It is only befitting for a magical being like us to receive even more gifts bundled up in the unicorn joy. Since, this party was heavily influenced by beauty bloggers (and unicorns), Mamasan Tammy, prepared a wide range of beauty gifts including, Belif Best Sellers On-The-Go, Dolly Wink No.9 Eyelashes, NYX Vivid Brights Vivid Blossom, NYX #LOTD Lip Of The Day Cherished, Dear Beaute Himawari Hair Care Samples, and Wanderlust Things Unicorn Pendant Chain.

#5 The Awesome Party People!

Bring in the right crowd of people to turn your party into a massive celebration. Let's be honest, these days people are just too embarrassed to walk around with a cute fluffy dress, striking high-knee socks, rainbow-coloured hair and fully dolled up face. These aren't the people who you should be inviting to your party.

Who you should be inviting are these awesome and totally cool unicorns! Each of them with their very own definition of a unicorn.

Be warned that there's going to be an overflowing Niagara Falls of everything pastel and cute!

Now that you know what you need in order to throw the best unicorn party...go ahead and make a party that will be a blast and memorable for both you and your guests!


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