McDonald's New Burgers Aren't Worth The Hype

Just a week ago, everyone was raving about the new McDonald's burgers; Smoky Grilled Beef and Hot N' Crispy Chicken.

So when the opportunity came during last weekend, when I had my two-weeks-once meeting with my boss at McDonald's, Centrepoint, I just had to try them out to know whether they were worth the hype or not.

And believe me...THEY AREN'T WORTH THE HYPE!

Probably because I had my expectations high since their Spicy Korean Burger was the bomb! I even raved about it before! Click HERE.

So, basically these new burgers were pretty much a huge let down for me. And honestly, I don't think it's worth the price either...they could have just brought back the Spicy Korean Burger and made it a permanent 'member' on the menu. That would have been even more epic!

Let me break it down to that you would understand why I am not feeling the hype at all this time around. Of course, this is my own opinion and reaction after my taste buds were disappointed. And trust me when I say I am a huge fan of McDonald's since I was a kid going for taekwondo classes.

The Hot N' Crispy Chicken

Supposedly this differs from the original Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe as it has tangy jalapeno sauce in it.

BUT! It just tasted like the regular Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe at the end of the day. There was no tanginess whatsoever to it, let alone having the 'heat' from the jalapeno sauce. It just tasted exactly the same. I am a person who loves sour and spicy food, and that my dear friend, isn't anything extra ordinary. 

I get it, not many people can handle the heat but then what's the point of promoting it to be tangy jalapeno sauce, when there isn't any extra sourness or heat to it? 

The price for the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe (set) is RM11.50 and the new Hot N' Crispy Chicken (set) is RM14.95. Might as well just get the cheaper one.

 Smoky Grilled Beef

I simply love my Double Cheeseburger and at times I even opt for my Triple Cheeseburger. And I was really hoping that this Smoky Grilled Beef burger would make me swap out my favourite for it...but NOPE...THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Naturally, this new burger had a more 'obvious' differences in terms of taste with the iconic Double Cheeseburger simply because it had grilled onions, pieces of lettuce and sesame seed on its bun. 

Of course, there was the noticeable presence of the Chipotle sauce which made the 'big' difference. But it was still a bit of a disappointment as the SMOKINESS; KEY POINT OF THIS BURGER, was barely noticeable.

If you have to (like in multiple times) keep touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth to make sure you know what flavour of the food that you are eating is...then that just goes to show that, that certain flavour isn't as prominent as it should have been.

The iconic Double Cheeseburger is worth RM9.50 and this new beef burger is worth RM14.95. Is it worth the big leap in $$? Not for me, at the very least.

Oh! And though I did not take the picture of it, my boss and I did try the 6 piece nuggets with the new French Cheese dip...well, to tell you the truth, it tastes like a mayo-ed (watered-down) version of the iconic KFC cheesy sauce. I rest my case.

Well, that's my opinion on these new 'Everyday Indulgence' and the new French Cheese dip...I still do hope that they are others who enjoyed this new range way better than I did and I am sure there are many of you who would like to disagree with my opinions too.

But like I said, I am a big fan of McDonald's and it's probably just because I had placed my expectations way too high for the new range that it fell off short.

Let me know what do you think about it in the comment box below. And till the next post, have a great meal everyone!


  1. Hi first time I come here. Great blog with English writing. I used to write in English but not confident enough to do. I'd love McD burger also, any type or variation McD come out their burger the only one that I like only BigMac haha.

  2. Same here babe. Not a fan of the new additions too. OK. I want to makan nasi now. Bye.

  3. haven't tried it yet,yana. tak tau plak nak komen :)
    lama dah tak ke mcD.
    one thing la, aida ni olskul skit. love burger mcD yg original.
    jarang sgt oder burger yg bermusim gini.

  4. Mommy dah cuba hot n crispy chicken... Tak lah pedas sangat..boleh habis semua..sedap..burger mcd beef/chicken semua mommy layan.. fish je tak..hehe

  5. Oh! Memang tak sedap ek?

    Baru rasa nak cuba. Harga pun mesti lagi mahal dari menu biasa kan?

    Thank you for you review. So tak jadilah nak cuba. Makan befer Ramly jelah kot..huhu

  6. I have tried the meat burger is quite dry and I do not know maybe the branches only and also the no wow factor of this new burger.

  7. Didnt manage to try it yet and yes it because not a fan of new menu..i just love the doublecheese burger like forever..hihi..

  8. Yes, i agree. I went to their launching event and it did not trigger my fancy. I have not bought any of these two after the lunching event. Very the biasa. Nothing special or fancy.

  9. Dah lama tak makan burger MCd sebab duk makan ayam goreng MCd je sekarang. Hahahaha. Nanti akak cuba burger baru ni. Kalau sedap. Repeat. Hehe

  10. Havent tried the burgers yet. But I will have to agree with you that the spicy Korean burger is definitely the best McD burger I had so far...

  11. Hmm... Im not into McD actually so I'm not really particular about the taste - as long as it is good enough. Haha. But I didn't have a chance to savour these two new burgers yet. I guess I should give it a go quickly now.

  12. Belum cuba lagi mcd yang baru ni. Nanti nak cuba jugaklah..nak tengok boleh tak terima kat tekak sis ni

  13. Sonok baca tulisan Yana. Kita tak pandai tulis dlm english. Tak berbunga tak tau nak tulis apa. Btw, memang setuju sangt burger baru ni bisa sajerrr. Hmmm ingat sedap benor. Yg lama juga sedap. Ada yg komen sgt sedap, tu yg pi try makan.

  14. Ohh.. ada yang baru rupanya nih di McD. Burger ini berapa varian rasa yah baru?

  15. Biasa ja burger ni for me..stil prefer gcb yang makin mngecil burgernya..damn..i hate them..kenapa need to kecikkan my gcb day by day..haih

  16. dalam banayak2 burger mcdi suka yang samurai..other than that..biasa jer...kalau betul2 lapar mmg sedap...klu makan saja2...for me like other typical burger..anyway a good article

  17. tak cuba lagi yang baru. btw memang dah lama tak makan macdonal ni. hehe.

  18. I have not try this yet coz i m not a fans of burgers anyway so going to skip this. Thanks for informing.

  19. until now i never try the burger yet and so much of negative comment until i dont bother to try and still prefer to stick to the old one....

  20. Having read more than a few bad reviews, hmmm, maybe I'll skip these two.