You Must Try This Creamy Durian Seafood!

JUST SEAFOOD | I know what you are thinking right now...

"How on earth can anyone eat seafood with durian..YUCK!"

Well, I am going to stop you right there and warn you of the fatalness of assuming something before even trying it out. But of course, if you hate durian to begin with, then yea...your point is kind of valid.

When I heard that there was an opportunity to try out the special Creamy Durian Seafood by Just Seafood@Sunway Giza, I was both excited and weirded out as well. But the sole fact, that it was durian, I was all in to try this newly found dish.

And I must say, I will never regret it! I ain't lying nor am I exaggerating. Just imagine eating seafood with cheese, it's technically the same thing...only difference is the texture is more creamier with chunks of durian in it and of course, the iconic scent of the king of fruits.

By the way, the smell isn't too's a balanced smell because you can still smell the freshness of the seafood.

This special dish is something that the owner of Just Seafood came up with his beloved wife. They made it for themselves and they thought why not share it with every other durian lovers out there. And for that, god will bless your souls, for sure!

I would definitely recommend this dish for anyone who wants to try something new to excite their taste buds and all their senses.

Just in case, if you aren't a fan of durian...that's fine. I am not going to judge you, but you might want to try their Nasi Lemak Cajun instead! Just like your typical Nasi Lemak dish, you will be served a plate of coconut-fragrant rice and few slices of cucumber but with an epic twist of a variety of huge-sized seafood soaked in the Malaysian's favourite sambal.

And I am not in the slightest bit joking about the size of these seafood...just look at the size of this squid's leg!

But that's not all! If the Creamy Durian Seafood nor the Nasi Lemak Cajun isn't what you are looking for, probably because you aren't that adventurous with your palete, then don't worry because they also have their Original Cajun Style Seafood, Butter Cream Milk Seafood and the Golden Salted Egg Seafood.

If you are worried about it being can throw that worrisome thought into the Pacific Ocean, because you will be thinking that you aren't paying enough at the end of the day. Their generous portion of seafood, their finger-licking yummy sauces and their ever-ready-to-accommodate staffs, will make the whole meal-eating experience worth every cent.

And just so you know, even if you come in a pack of 4, you are still able to order a meal that is fit for 2, simply because they are that accommodating and they understand that their portions are big and not many people are big eaters.

So, I really don't understand why are you not booking yourself a table with your family/friends right now? Go ahead, indulge in the seafood goodness!

Let me know what you think about it in the comment box below!


  1. I'm a big fan of durian. After read your review, i feel like need to go Just seafood now. Sure i will love the taste. Everything look so tempting. Such a torture to me :)

  2. Akak suka gambar part yang yana pegang kepala sotong tu coz that part memang my fav...well x pernah rasa lagi sos durian and i wish i could taste it one fine day..kena paksa cik abg akak datang sini...

  3. All seafood looks good ! Suka sangat makan seafood dan shellout ni.kena cuba la kombinasi baru lepasni

  4. Omg! Seriously la seafood rasa durian. Cant imagine how people can eat that.nee recipes and will try sooner! Thanks for sharing 😄

  5. Penggemar durian harus datang sini. Wahhh belum pernah rasa lagi hidangan seafood dengan durian :)

  6. So, with durian, can make a loooot of nyummy food..nasib baik i bukan peminat durian..kalau tak, on the dot will be there..:-p

  7. I like durian but not too much. but hey, this is a brilliant idea! I should check this out with my friends later on. Must be very interesting!

  8. At first, i also wondered how these combinations will work. Sounds so wrong to combine durian with seafood. But after reading ur entry, i believe the combination worked. Going to try it asap

  9. syoknye die mkn seafood tu tp ada sos durian mmg unik btul...xpernh jumpa lg kt tmpt lain ni

  10. Finally I tried this... But too bad many people thought they are shell out but actually they are not. They are Just Seafoods. One thing I like about them is they don't use plastic to serve... Much way healthy...

  11. I mmg peminat durian. Tapi i x dapat bayangkan bila makan dengan seafood. Tapi rata2 yg dah mencuba kata sedap... ok boleh cuba satu hr nanti heheh

  12. I love seafood but not a fan of durian! but i thought combining those two is a great idea

  13. haha.. sampai sekarang TB terfikir macam mana lah rasa kombinasi seafood n durian.. huhu. boleh telan ke tak.. but i likeee durian so much tauuu

  14. Dari durian macam macam boleh buat .Sebelum nih biasa durian orang buat tempoyak, aiskrim dan kek. Tapi tak sangka pulak durian boleh guna dalam pelbagai resipi.

  15. Seafood sedap la. Whatever there are, dengan apapun tetap sedap.

    Teringin saya nak makan juga. I dahla peminat durian

  16. Wow. Durian creamy seafood. Nama dia gempaq. Gambar pon menarik sangat. Rasa dia mesti sedap juga tu. Teringin nak cuba

  17. As durian lover need to check it out. Hope the taste blend well with seafood

  18. This sound like such an interesting dish, as a Malaysian I love durian but it makes me wonder how it taste like making it as a sauce for seafood, can't wait to check this out!

  19. I have not try this combination and I wonder how the taste. After done with the dish, the whole mouth smell of Durian. But Durian can consume raw with rice. Like how we eat tempoyak

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