Airbnb: All-You-Need Duplex SOHO Empire Damansara

Are you getting tired of looking at the same four walls every single day? If you work from home just like me or you simply just want to sleep in a different environment or even throw a mini party with close friends then you should book the All-You-Need Duplex SOHO at Empire Damansara.

The host, Kelvin, is very accommodating and friendly too! It was super easy to communicate with him and his Airbnb is so much more affordable than many other Airbnbs. I mean come on, for a duplex the price starts from RM79! How much more of a bargain do you need? I also realized that there were many studios that were going for the similar or even higher price.

Logic kicks in and asks me, "Why pay more for a smaller space when you can easily get a much more spacious and modern space, for a cheaper price...right???"

If you are wondering how many people can this place host, well, I would say easily 4-6 people. This place comes with 2 queen beds at the upper floor and a sofa bed at the bottom floor. There are also plenty of spare pillows and puffy blankets to go around.

Also, if you are planning to throw a mini party, the best way to go about it would be ordering takeaways or if you have a steamboat cooker at home, you could bring that over. Just remember to air the space out, as you cook. You wouldn't want the smell to stick on the furniture, right?

The All-You-Need Duplex SOHO also comes with a refrigerator and a microwave oven. So keeping your drinks chilled and heating up your takeaways, will not be one of your problems.

There's also 2 bathrooms to be used; the shower/toilet is on the top floor and the other toilet is on the bottom floor. Don't worry! It is a heater shower! I know that many people fret about having to go to a place only to find out that you will be having to take an icy shower, so rest assured that this place got your back.

There are 3 stand fans on standby if ever you feel like the 2 air conditioners are too cold for your liking. Because trust me, I had only one air conditioner on and it was super cold throughout my whole stay. Oh! And allow me to drop an environment-friendly reminder, please don't forget to switch off any power source if you aren't using it.

There's also a TV that you can use; I used the Youtube app to keep me entertained. Even at home I rarely use my house TV, because I am 24/7 with my laptop. So, I don't really know what else can the TV do; as in like watching movies and etc. Go find out that part for yourself, okay?

I am definitely planning to go back to the All-You-Need Duplex SOHO again, this time probably for a mini-party with friends or even for my upcoming vlogs; at least I would have a more pleasant and cleaner background for the the video.

Oh! Before I forget, the Wi-Fi here is super fast! Excellent place for "working-from-home".

And if you are wondering, this is already my second time staying over at this place. 

If you would also like to book this space for yourself, you can check this link out:

Hope you will enjoy your stay as much as I did! Have fun!


  1. hurmm tq ya nnt kalau nak ke ikea damansara boleh la sewa dekat SOHO ni..cantik tempatnya

  2. cantik dan tenang hiasan rumah nya... ni kira macam homestay ke mcm mne? Tapi dilengkapi dengan wifi kira bagus la tu. Tak lah krik krik masa stay kan. heheheh

    1. yes dear..its an airbnb...can say it is like a homestay.

  3. Wow the accommodation looks cozy and modern.the decoration and type of furniture give a stylish look to this house.should try here someday

  4. Tq for sharing. My opinion staying here is better than a hotel. Stylish. Spacious. The decorations are simple but really nice.
    Pakat dgn member, tapau foods. Lepak and borak the whole night. Wow! Gojes planning.

  5. Ahh I've always wanted to live in this kinda place when I was single. But, I got married recently and I might not make that dream come true. So I guess renting for a night or two would be another option. LOL! Love the setting of the SOHO and that it can fit up till 6 person max. The price is also affordable per night. Super awesome!

  6. cantiknya decoration dan lokasi popn sangat strategik untuk ke shopping mall area damansara.. harga pon not bad..

    me like!

  7. x pernah try airbnb lagi..nampak menarik dengan harga yg sangat2 berpatutan..boleh la plan staycation kat sini plak nanti..

  8. bestnya duplex! khai pun duduk soho tapi teringin nak duduk duplex then decorate sendiri

  9. Sesuai sangat ni pada yang plan nak buat party dengan kawang-kawan atau family. Nampak luas, selesa dan lengkap dengan kemudahan. Kalau nak lari dari view rumah yang biasa boleh je juga stay sini. Harga pun ok sangat tu.

  10. omg i really love this kind of accommodation. nampak sangat comfy and definitely a good place to chit-chat all night long with my besties! :D

  11. Woww i love house with white walls and white furnitures. It looks so neat and good place to rest after back from office. Dont you think so?

  12. Cantiknya rumah dia..nampak kemas and bersih.
    Sis kalau ke overseas ada jugak gunakan khidmat Airbnb ni..terjamin selamat dn apa2 pertanyaan cepat aje mereka jawab

  13. I’ve always wondered how it in like in a SOHO unit. This would be a good opportunity to try it out. Been using Airbnb for years and it’s very reliable.

  14. Finding a home now is not easy with very expensive prices and also sometimes narrow designs. But look at SOHO's interesting lacquer concept than any other.

  15. suka sangat dengan perabot dan susun atur dalam rumah tu. cantik dan kemas je. memang menenangkan hati dan minda

  16. Nak booking lah nak buat gathering dengan kawan-kawan. Boleh sembang sampai ke pagi. Bilik pun lawa dan dekorasi yang simple.

  17. AMazinly cheap la..sometime we just wanted to thro a surprise pery etc this would be perfect la hahhaha..even down there so many restaurant and nor worrying about food anymore..thansk for sharing this..

  18. Cantiknya harga pun x mahal. Sesuai untuk bercuti sgn keluarga. Dekat dgn ikea. Lagi la mak ikasuka

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