McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger Tastes Weird

I am most definitely a Nasi Lemak fan because I just love sambal and the coconut-soaked rice but I got to be honest and say that the McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger tastes weird. Like really weird!

First of all, I will like to commend McDonald's for their effort. It was almost perfect. Except for a few major setbacks, well, at least in my opinion.

The moment I opened the box, I immediately had the urge to just lick the sambal, and to my surprise it had 'heat' in it, which was a good point although I have to say it was more towards the sweeter side. The kind of sambal that just tastes 'only' sweet and you stop feeling the spiciness. Not my cup of tea, because I love my sambal to have some 'kick' to it.

Then, as I was about half way through, things started to get really yucky and kinda made me sick of eating it. The fried chicken skin soaked up all the sambal, making it soggy and unappetizing.

At the box's description it said that the chicken was coconut-flavoured - not sure if this was the cause of the weird taste or not, but just like a few other friends of mine, I was struggling to finish the burger.

Something about the combo just wasn't right. Probably, if they used their normal crispy chicken, it would have worked out? Or if they are secretly already using it, then nah...there's no way of saving this burger.

Contrary, I do have other friends who enjoyed the McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger, so I guess it's all up to your preferences, at the end of the day.

So far, this is my second time not loving the new sets of burger from McDonald's, prior to this I had noted down my opinion on the "Everyday Indulgence'', you can check it out here: McDonald's New Burgers Aren't Worth The Hype

Whether it is worth to try the McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger or not...? Well to simply put it, eating it one time will definitely not kill you. So go ahead and try it. Don't forget to let me know what you think about it, later on, in the comment box below.

Enjoy your meal!


  1. agreeee...i struggle to finish it

    1. T.T... I really hope their new release the japan-themed burgers will taste much better...keeping my fingers crossed.

  2. My daughter try - her feedback tak sedap. Dan tak berbaloi dengan harga. But my husband try - dia kata sedap... bolehla. For me.. nampak x sedap hahhaha

  3. I try it buat serious doesn't suit my taste bud. The taste weird and unimaginable :(. Luckily they launch new menu nasi lemak MCD with ayam goreng. Much better than the burger.

  4. I yet to try it but seems like a bit weird. I prefer to eat nasi lemak or just burger instead of 2 in 1. Ha ha ha...

  5. Semuanya terpulang pada kita. Kalau sebut nasi lemak, Honestly, I harap nasi lemak yang asli original tu je. Tak tukar rasa dalam burger. Kalau nak buat burger baik burger je. Takde istilah burger nasi lemak. Kalau dah dialih sifatnya jadi burger dah tak asli. My opinion lah.

  6. I haven't try this one. But yesterday i tried their nasi mcd. The taste is just so-so. And the boiled egg doesn't look appetizing as per commercialized. And i think it is overpriced.

  7. I enjoyed the McDonald's Nasi Lemak Burger. Just like u mentioned earlier it's all up to personal preferences. But worth to try. I never tried yet the new launch McDonalds Nasi Lemak caused i more prefer eat nasi lemak at warung on the street with cheaper price.

  8. Agree, take time to finish..really not my taste..and agree its up to personal preferences, maybe some of them liked it but no me..but i've respect their effort to choose this concept as their new menu, i heard they have new nasi lemak with chicken tu..maybe can give a try..

  9. I never find the idea of making Nasi Lemak Burger appealing. Creative, maybe but it doesn't mean it tastes good. To me, Nasi Lemak is just Nasi Lemak. Why need to make it into a flavour of some sort? Yuck

  10. I felt so reluctant to try Wei... Never ever thought of trying it because from the appearance is anyway a big no no no for me.

  11. Sis pun dah cuba nasi lemak burger ni. Nak kata sedap sangat tak lah..tapi boleh lah makan,mayb sebab lapar time tu..hehehe. Kalau nak beli lagi mayb tidak sebab harga mahal sangat. Better sis beli burger tepi jalan dekat rumah sis ni lagi sedap, and makan nasi lemak bungkus..hehehe

  12. This is what happened when you want to introduce something new, but dont want to lose your identity. As a result, this burger is being invented. This combo is just so wrong in so many ways. I have heard so many complaint about the taste. Therefore, i dont have the urge to even try this burger. Nope.

  13. Saya belum try lagi, Tapi kalau Boleh jangan tukarlah Nasi Lemak kepada buger nasi lemak jadi lain sangat, Macam kita yang dah dewasa boleh faham dan bezakan...takut kanak-kanak akan keliru nak bezakan Nasi Lemak dangan Buger Nasi Lemak. Cukup menu popular yang ada dekat situ.

  14. I also have try my frienf buy to me Nasi Lemak burger was first thrilled but when I felt shy away from what I was thinking. Sorry lah not my taste ..

  15. Oh my what a disappointment, I wanted to give it go especially when it launched in SG and everyone was so excited about it but after reading a few reviews I guess it's just not worth it.

  16. I heard a lot bad comment about this burger. I'm not tried yet because now don't have interested to try it. Maybe later when I free time. I want to taste it & give my personal comment.

  17. I tried... taste not bad... acceptable for me la.. the taste... Nasi lemak without nasi.. haha~~~

  18. Havent try it yet. But i read few comment about this new menu and most of them said the taste is not so good especially for nasi lemak lover like me. So it make me less interest to try it.

  19. Surprisingly for both my husband and I, we love it. We tried order to taste it since many people dont like it, ended up like it. Haha

  20. This one I gotta try - just bcos I am curious! :D

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