NUViT Anti-Acne Is The New Rapid Breakout Control Skincare

The new NUViT Anti-Acne is your go to solution when it comes to rapid breakout control!

Just before I had my menstrual cycle last month, I had several pimples popping out near my chin and jawline area. And I thought it was the 'perfect' moment to put the NUViT Anti-Acne products to the test.

Well, after a mere 3 days usage (1 day and 2 nights), this range worked its magic and got rid of all the pimples that were residing on my face! I can say with 99% of confidence that this NUViT Anti-Acne range really does work as a rapid breakout control.

The morning after my first time trying these products, I realized that 2 of the smaller pimples already subsided and 1 of the bigger pimples dried up, after a whole week of 'camping' on my face.

I was really amazed at the results just from an overnight usage! Okay, I got to admit that I was a little skeptical in the beginning but I now know for sure that it works wonders.

Allow me to give my first impressions of each product first before sharing with you the outcome of using them.


This product which looks like a mixture of water and cooling powder has a mild ointment scent to it. It's very lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin. I always apply it on by damping a cotton pad with the product the gently dabbing it onto my 'problematic' areas.

This includes, the acne-affected areas and at my visibly huge pores area.

It does have a rather mild stinging or I would say tingling feeling as I applied it. I am guessing this is because it has something to do with its purifying properties.


This product as well is lightweight and it has a runny texture to it. Unlike the Acne & Blemishes Prevention Concentrate which is meant for targeted areas, the Acne Corrector Purifying Fluid can be applied on the whole face.

It also has a 'minty-ointment' scent to it. I would definitely say that after each application I felt very refreshed, probably due to its refreshing scent.

This product is said to prevent acne, tighten pores and controls the production of sebum on your face.


This gel really does smell like peppermint and I would say that it has a runny gel texture to it. Although this product can be used to unclog pores, I decided to just use it for tackling the pimples.

I also realized that it creates like a layer of protection once it dries off - that flakes off if I were to touch my face at any point of the day. So, I am not so sure how to 'mix' this product with my usual moisturizing skincare product and applying foundation on top of it.

*Do take note that for the 3 days that I used this product, I did not put on any other skincare nor was I wearing any makeup.

Because for me, I strongly believe that if I am using an anti-acne product and I want it to work efficiently, I try my best to not to add on 'layers' to my skin.

Personally, I would recommend you to do the same too. If you are having a bad acne breakout the last thing you would be wanting to do is to put on more 'layers' that makes it even more difficult for your skin to breath and recover.

And since, the NUViT Anti-Acne range really does help to 'solve' your acne problems rapidly, you'd probably only need a few days to a week to achieve back an acne-free skin. Of course, this also depends on the severity of your acne.

The more severe it is, obviously, it will take a longer period to cure but I am sure this NUViT  Anti-Acne range can do it faster than most of the other anti-acne products in market.

Also, just another personal suggestion, use these products only when you have breakouts and not as a constant everyday skincare. Because I do have a sensitive skin, I did notice that this range does 'dry up' my skin a little. I am pretty sure you can counter this by adding on a moisturizer, but like I said, I try not to mix products up and create more layers on my skin when I am trying to fix something.

Alternatively, you could also just use the NUViT Anti-Acne range at night only. Just so that, you could still wear your makeup in the morning, in peace, and put on your usual skincare products (which have moisturizing properties).

If you think I was lying about the rapid results, here's a before and after picture to prove that it really does work.

Things that I have noticed, is that my skin is less oily, some of the pores around my nose-to-cheek area has either shrunken or 'disappeared', and the pimples that were 'attacking' me over a week, lost the battle and completely vanished.

After seeing the results for yourself, what do you think about this NUViT Anti-Acne range? Would you give it a try? Do you think it will be able to solve your acne problems? Let me know in the comment box below!

Also, if you are curious about the other products that NUViT has to offer, you can check them out at these links:

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  1. ada nampak perubahan di wajah awak sebelum dan selepas penggunaan produk ni..

  2. Macam tahu2 je my skin breakout sekarang.kena cari produk yang boleh cure my acne asap hahahah should read more about this product so interesting

  3. never heard of this products before but its working! i can see that in the photo! thank you for sharing. will check this out later!

  4. Wahh... Ada nampak perbezaan sebelum dan selepas penggunaan lah. Rasa macam nak cuba jugalah sebab lately my face naik acne yang kecil-kecil tu.

  5. Acne ni memang masalah. Kalau setakat 1-2 ok juga tapi kalau banyak...anak pun bising. Anak memang ada masalah jerawat kat muka. Sekarang ni nampak makin kurang sebab guna produk yang sesuai. Susah ohh cari produk yang sesuai.

  6. Wow, i’m so impressed seeing your before and after photo. It does have good effect for the acne. I’m so gonna buy this as well. If it works on me, then i might as well suggest it to my friends.

  7. impress! but then how about guys? can we use this product as i understand that guy has different type of skin

    1. Yes.. It is suitable even for guys. Not to worry.

  8. Wow, worked in 3 days..berkesan gila la kan produk ni..skaligus boleh hilangkan stress perempuan setiap bulan..hehe

  9. wow..i can see the difference..wanita memang selalu naik jerawat so sekarang mcm dah ada solusi yg boleh direkomenkan ...sekurangnya takdelah stress muka naik jerawat huhu

  10. Pertama kali dengar pasal produk ni. Ternyata berkesan setelah awak menggunakannya. Bagus ni... Bomrh lah usha nanti

  11. First time dengar this product. Paling menakjubkan berkesan dalam masa beberapa hari saja. Tengok gambar sebelum dan selepas banyak perbezaannya. Bolehlah cuba lepas ni

  12. nampak perubahan jugak. terima kasih sbb buat review. mana tahu kan Liez boleh cari utk kegunaan sendiri. sbb kdg2 jerawat ni dtg sesuka hati je.. geram sgt

  13. Arghhhhh i need this nuvit products like right now !! Got pimple on my forehead and i have one big event this upcoming sunday. So consumer can see the changes after 3 days of usage. That is so fast !! I need to get this ASAP

  14. Wah love the result. I always confuse what product to remove my acne out. I heard about this product before but never tried yet. Maybe after this.

  15. Best kan NUViT ni. Ruby pun guna yang Whitening Series tu. Bekal pun Comel. Cuma kena konsisten pakai. AL maklum lah perempuan ni bila dah cantik, dia stop pakai. Hahaha

  16. I want to get the products. I having acne during menstrual and I need a skincare that not to oily. Seem NUVit is the right choice. I can seem the result is good on your face. Thanks for sharing this.

  17. Can see the different within 3 days of usage. Looking forward to try these products as i also having acne problem during my mestrual.

  18. I tried their whitening range, looks like their anti acne range also very effective.

  19. memang nampak hilang terus jerawat dekat muka yana. bagus ya produk ni. saya jarang ada jerawat, tapi kalau muncul nanti boleh la try guna produk ni. nampak berkesan. thank you for sharing!

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