Jalan Jalan Japan @ 1 Shamelin Mall: My First Tabausab

Again and again I have to keep counting my blessings as I feel that I am super lucky! Can you imagine shopping for a mountain of clothes and only paying RM10 for it all? I bet most of you will not be able to digest this absolutely awesome truth but here I am, again, ready to make you blow your mind!

Have you heard of Jalan Jalan Japan before? Either you have or have not...this is where you basically get to throw yourself into a pile of clothes, pick out more than 10-20 of your favourite clothes, shove them into translucent plastic bags and only take out a RM10 note out of your purse, every (last) Saturday of the month.

Amazing isn't it?!

So here's the thing, Jalan Jalan Japan is a second hand and collectors' item store that imports all of its goods from the land of the rising sun, Japan...duh! (The brand name speaks for itself).

If you love everything about Japanese culture, great bargains, limited edition products, anime figurines, sports of all sorts, and you happen to have a heap load of luck built in your system, then you should visit Jalan Jalan Japan outlets. (1 Shamelin Mall, One City and Centrepoint Seremban)

For this round, I visited the Jalan Jalan Japan outlet in 1 Shamelin Mall that is located in the heart of Cheras. This is not only my very first time visiting Jalan Jalan Japan store but also this is my first time stepping into this mall. A little word of advice, do make sure that you park your car, at least, at the second or third floor. (Because parking at the first few floors can make a person get lost easily since there isn't a proper guide to enter the shopping mall...trust me I know!)

Anyways, as soon as I got into the building and reached level 3, I was greeted by the big entrance of Jalan Jalan Japan. And needless to say that my attention, immediately, was directed towards the section where "Tabausab" was taking place.

Tabausab is actually a monthly event whereby they put up a section at their outlets that sells piles and piles of clothes, on the last Saturday of the month. And what makes this section or rather session special is that, you only have to pay RM5 for 1 plastic bag or RM10 for 3 plastic bags, and you just go nuts and hunt for all the pre-loved clothes that is your favourite, and to shove them into the plastic bags that you bought earlier.

If you are having a hard time understanding what I just said...then maybe you can check this video out!

Basically, from my observation, you can easily shove 10-20 outfits in each plastic bag. Of course, it also depends on the kind of clothing that you are going to pick. For heavier/thicker materials like sweaters and coats, the plastic bag gets easily filled up after the 7th outfit where as if you are solely aiming at children's clothes or just casual t-shirts and tank tops then you can easily stock up to 15-30 outfits in one plastic bag.

For me, I went all out with buying the sweater and knitted kind of clothing as I tend to wear them a lot. (Yes, I know Malaysia is a hot country...but I feel comfy in it...so yea that's that). And I was lucky enough to spot a few clothing that will suit my future cosplay characters' costumes.

These are just a few closeups of me wearing some of my tabausab clothes.

So my end verdict? Will I go again for another Tabausab event? Hell yeah! Will I encourage you to go for it too? Obviously, yes!

I know that you will have fun hunting for your next favourite outfit at Jalan Jalan Japan! Happy Shopping!


  1. I read many reviews about how cheap this jalan jalan Japan but never expect this cheap.RM10 for all that? Walauweiii!!! Dirt cheap...must go 🤗🤩

  2. I read many reviews about how cheap this jalan jalan Japan but never expect this cheap.RM10 for all that? Walauweiii!!! Dirt cheap...must go 🤗🤩

  3. Bestnya... Nina belum pernah pegi.
    Tapi ramai kengkawan dah pegi kata memang murah dan berbaloi shopping kat sana. Cantik² laaa baju you beli..!!

  4. Oihhhh bior betik?. Kalau RM10 untuk semua tu memang berbaloi baloi baloi murahnya. Poket pun tak sakit. Kena terjah jugak sini.

  5. I memang peminat JJJ. Selalu shopping sana, but this is my first time tahu pasal promo RM5 per plastic bag tu. Soon punya Sabtu nak pergi sana lah borong!

  6. Ohh ada juga dekat KL ni ingat kat Seremban jer huuh boleh lah datang sini cuba memang best menarik banyak barang murah-murah dan terbaik....

  7. Sis dah pernah pergi dekat cheras ni..memang rambang mata, banyak sangat barangan yang menarik dan cantik2. Yang penting murah. Sis ingat nak pergi lagi nanti..hehehe

  8. Best shopping di JJJ. Banyak preloved items yang nampak baru dan cantik cantik. Saya jadi rambang mata bila masuk JJJ

  9. Wow ! That is very cheap. Lots of things can be grabbed at JJJ. Plus, the preloved items look like brand new. They just opened the new outlet in seremban yesterday if im not mistaken. I sure will check them out

  10. Omg I wish one day Penang also have one outlet Jalan-jalan Japan. A lot of things with cheaper price .I can't wait to visit there when reach KL .

  11. Wah banyaknya baju yang boleh dapat! Best kalau dapat beli baju baju dengan harga murah ni bukan sahaja jimat tapi boleh tambah banyak koleksi dalam wardrobe

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