Planning My Solo Trip To Langkawi

One of my dream is to travel around the world, but just like everything else in life, dreams are meant to come true in baby steps. So, I thought that I should travel around Malaysia and starting off with the land of eagle, Langkawi.

Obviously, traveling in groups is a much safer option but then I wouldn’t be challenging myself and discovering my own capabilities, so here I am planning my first solo trip to Langkawi.

Of course, travelling around does cost quite a good amount on one’s savings so, I chose to scout for options under Traveloka. I heard from many others that Traveloka has one of the best deals in town, so I am going to put that to the test today.

About a week ago, I googled up a few hotels in Langkawi that was up to my liking and was in my budget, and I could say that all the rooms averaged around RM200. But after looking at Traveloka and their deals on some of the hotels that I was interested in, it averaged about RM100.

Some of the places that I was looking at included; Lavigo Resort, Langkawi Seaview Hotel, Langkawi Yacht Club Hotel, and Tubotel Langkawi.

I am pretty pleased with the pricing and for now I am looking forward to stay at Lavigo Resort or the Tubotel Langkawi. Haven't completely decided on which one though. 

As for the attractions that I would like to visit; Langkawi Sky Bridge, Langkawi Cable Car, Underwater World, Wildlife Park & Bird Paradise, Snorkeling and Parasailing.

So far, I've done my own research and found the pricing of each attraction:

From what I know these are the must visit attractions in Langkawi, do you know any other places or specific spots that I must not miss out on my future visit to Langkawi? Please do share with me...thanks a bunch!

What's a trip without a little foodie adventure correct?

The first restaurant that popped up on Google was the oldest seafood restaurant, Langkawi Fish Farm Restaurant. There's a sea deck outside which I can totally imagine myself stuffing my face with the yummiest and freshest seafood delicacies while facing the beautiful Andaman Sea. Apparently, their main dishes are the Thai-style steamed fish, BBQ lobster and chili crab. As I am just writing these down, I am already salivating.

And the rumours has it that exploring the local food variations in the pasar malam is like the next best thing to do. I heard that the best night markets in Langkawi are the ones at Pantai Cenang, Kuah and Padang Matsirat. 

For obvious reasons I also saved the best activity for the last part which is to go crazy with the Duty-free shopping centers that are scattered around the island. I am a chocolate lover especially Dark Chocolate and Minty Choco, so, without a doubt I would definitely spend a glorious amount of cash on stocking up chocolate bars from Langkawi. 

As I am a beauty blogger, I wouldn't want to miss out on the opportunity to get a bunch or boxes of beauty products; because I heard it's freaking cheap over there. So why not, right?! Since, I am already going to spend for this solo trip, might as well go all out!

Oh! You must be wondering what about the flight ticket, right? Well, while browsing through Traveloka, I spotted a few Malindo Air flights that were perfectly align with my travelling budget. So far, for local flights and for convenience I do prefer flying Malindo Air as it's also nearer to my home (just in case, you guys are wondering I'm referring to the Subang Airport hehehe).

I guess that's all for my plannings as of now. If you have other suggestions on my itinerary for this first ever solo trip of mine, please don't be shy to share them with me. And just in case, if you like my itinerary and would like to visit Langkawi before I do, you could book your flight ticket with Malindo Air online booking.

Waiting for your awesome suggestions. Till the next trip planning, see you soon!


  1. Replies
    1. heeheheh if want to go with you need to plan differently d...

  2. Langkawi banyak tempat menarik. Lama dah tak pegi. Kalau balik kg suami kat Kedah maybe boleh singgah Langkawi naik bot.

  3. I highly recommend Temple Tree, it's one of a kind experience, expensive but worth it. Otherwise you can drop by the cafe, the laksa and gula melaka ice cream is the best!

  4. I enjoy shopping at HIG because the price is affordable. Hopefully you'll have a nice journey in Langkawi :)

  5. I love flying with Malindo - large cargo limit, wide leg space and there's flight entertainment too.
    Oh yeah. I never grow tired in visiting Langkawi - love the seaside chilling and shopping experience there.

  6. Wow, the hotel looks nice. You really plan Solo trip? Please be carefully ya. Langkawi is a nice place and worth to explore.

  7. Perjalanan solo memang sebaiknya mulakan di negara kita sendiri. Walaupun dah pernah pergi bersama keluarga. Trip solo ni feel dia lain tau. Kadang solo trip nak adventure activity. Kadang nak relax di Resort dan Kadang nak experience local life. Jadi perkara paling penting buat research tempat penginapan. Selamat tu paling penting. Selalu ada kes bag kena curi. So kena cari tempat penginapan sesuai dengan cara kita. Kalau jenis suka kebersihan dan travel with luggage. Ambil la hotel yang ada bintang tu. Kalau backpack je, hangkut segala semua ke mana-mana. So tinggal kat dorm pun bleh. Hehehe. Masa solo trip ni la baru tahu kemampuan diri dan tahu kaki tu mampu Jalan sampai kemana. Hehehe

  8. That would be fun! Don't forget to check out Tropical Charters Sunset Cruise. It's a lovely experience. I was in Langkawi earlier this year. I would love to go again with someone, hire a car or bike and move around.

  9. Teringin juga nak buat solo trip.. thanks for info.. boleh jadi panduan utk plan solo trip camni..

  10. my family members love Langkawi. it's a nice place to relax our mind. The hotel you found look good, somemore are very affordable. it's time to plan our family vacation again.

  11. Nice! Traveloka have the best deals! Easy to browse through and compare prices straightaway! Am thinking to have a family trip soon too but Langkawi is on the list some where after PD or Amverton ahahhaha

  12. Oh yes Langkawi is fun and safe to travel solo also. I was there last year with my family and we had a great time plus some shopping there too.

  13. Lama da xpi langkawi eventho my late dad ada rumah kt sana but sewakan dekat org...
    Lain sangat lkawi nowadays

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