I'm A Hustler Baby

First and foremost, I would like to apologise to all my readers for my 3-week hiatus! 'Everything' came knocking on my door at one go since the beginning of June  and I was trying to find balance between all of them.

Though I have yet to find the perfect balance, I still have loads of good news to share with you all! And thus...the rise of this post!

Now, I am just wondering where do I start from...oh well, let's just wing it and see where does this post go to, shall we?

So...at the beginning of June 2018, I had officially joined the Live Streaming app, Tamago and now with a proud face, I can say that I am officially a Live Streamer too! Let's give a shout out to the "Life of an Influencer".

 In Tamago, I focus on showcasing my artsy side...which is, costume and prop making for all of my cosplay plans and there's even the Friday Night Live Drawing session. Of course, life isn't fun without a little 'sprinkle' of food magic, so at random, I do Mukbang sessions too!

So far, I am determined to go live at 10pm, everyday on Tamago...unless, if there are events, family occasions or moments where I just want to crawl on to my bed - which you will be informed in advance, so you don't have to worry about that!

And if you are not following me yet on Tamago, please do! This is my room:

If you download the app, which is FREE, you can also come in and chat with me. Unfortunately, through the link I've shared above, you can only view me but you can't chat with me...so...all the more reasons why you should download the Tamago app and follow me!

At this moment, I am working on Layla, a hero from Mobile Legends. I have already completed her corset and for the next step (live streaming), I will be working on her head gear. Please check it out ya! Oh! And if you are wondering why I chose to do live streaming, is because I am looking for ways to fund all my cosplay and art projects. So, giving gifts are more than welcomed in my Tamago room. <3

Onto the next good news, I have officially started back my modelling career (although it will still be under freelance basis). And yes, I am still working on toning my body up, but hey, at least I am not so far behind. My secret workout routine?

50 Push Ups
100 Leg Lifts
200 Crunches
50 Squats
30 Arm Lifts With Dumbells
50 Superman
50 Lunges
25 Side Leg Rises

*For 3 days consecutively, one day break, then repeat the cycle.

Hopefully by the end of July, I would be able to share with you an awesome toned body.

And I did mentioned earlier that I will be doing this on a freelance basis, correct? Right! So, comes to my next point, which is the freelance job that I took for an event under Porsche that will be taking place across the whole month of July. And since the job only starts in the evening around 7pm and ends at 10pm, I will start my live streaming on Tamago a little later, probably around 11pm or 11.30pm.

See why I used the term "I'm a hustler baby" for this post? *wink*

For the 4th good news, it will be kept as a secret until the 1st of August 2018. Let there be an intense suspense...Dun Dun Dunnnnnnnn

As for the 5th good news, relates on a personal level of achievement, as I will be turning 27 on the 6th of July 2018. Yahooo! 3 more years and I will be hitting the 3-series. That being said, I am going to hustle as much as I can for now, with a work-life balance lifestyle (of course!), just so that when I am 30, I would be able to stand proudly and say that I have achieved all of these before I hit the BIG 30.

It will definitely be a pretty exciting and nerve-wrecking roller coaster ride, that's for sure!

Here comes the 6th good news, I have found another part-time job that heavily involves in social media handling and pays well too. Thank god, for all of these opportunities! I can definitely see myself accomplishing way beyond my boundaries with all of these opportunities in hand and the future ones too. 

The 7th good news, pretty much takes the cake as I can finally turn my dream of visiting Japan into a reality in 2019! It will be a duo trip - with my mom - that has been put off for way too long.

I had always mentioned that I would love to travel around and explore new places, well, this dream (too) of mine will not only remain as just a dream...because I am travelling to Cherating and Hatyai this year! Weee! You can definitely expect more travelling posts!

Well, in all of these good news, there's sure to be a little hiccup here and there, which is why my plan for 2018 is to work my butt off to earn as much as I can, to fund all my dreams. And don't worry, I have absolutely no plans of leaving the Blogging World. So, you can be rest assured that there will be more awesome and useful posts that will be coming your way.

Oh! And as a closing note, I will be revamping/updating the site with everything that I am juggling now, just to keep you in the loop and who knows if they might benefit you too, right? Till the next update...have a great day!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for taking your time to read. ..Sorry for the sudden absence..

  2. Wow that was a lot of achievement that you have complete! Hope to see more updates from you. Don't forget to rest and don't over stress yourself =)

    1. Thank you babe! Hehehe yea... I will try my best to get as much rest and I can...

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you dear.... love you too! <3

  4. 1stly, yana, good luck for everything. Lotsa new & great things for u to explore.27 is just a number. Still young & gorgeous. Congrats for the new modeling career, yana. Body mesti kena cantik kan. Good luck.

  5. wow.. hardcore nya exercise... bagus ni ekkkk mesti kurus pas ni

  6. wow! banyak improvement u dah buat yana,.. congrats dear! btw, just do it. u mampu hadapi risiko & u mampu hadapi semua tu.. teruskan apa yg u nak buat and for ur career too... i wish u have a nice day and goodluck!

  7. you reach many improvement..congratulations Yana,if i was at your situation i'll do the same..27 is still young dear..i know u can do it..all the best..

  8. Chaiyok babe! You look good as is babe.
    As per your age, no worries, it is just a number - your heart will determine everything. Hehe

  9. You go, girl! Inspired by the hustle life - gonna do more in my days too!

  10. Congratulation yana on your achievement. Happy birthday in advance! May you great life ahead and may all your wishes come true

  11. Good sharw Yana. Saya suka postingan Yana, komplit banget. Informasi ini sangat bermanfaat

  12. Back to business! Congratulation Yana. I wanna see more of you. I wish you all the best and see you at one the butterfly event.😍😘

  13. All the best yana. Alamak excercise tu boleh buat akak pancit hahaha.


  14. definitely you will looking better and better on every hard work u did.. well.. believe you could inspired many people too.
    all the best babe... you really look great in that pic... phewwwiittt...

  15. Lamanya tak join apps live2 ni.. selamat berlive dan berexercisr awak..

  16. Its good to have this kind motivation where you know what you aim in your kife. Keep up the good work and positive vibes

  17. Cantik la yana..can u share u meal.. i mean d healthy one...

  18. cantik betul body you..fuh..struggle nak dapat body macam ni..hehee..Tamago ada orang invite gak, tapi tak tau nak join ke tak..

  19. I just heard about tomago last few days. I have used uplive before, but now I stopped due to hectic schedule.

    All the best for your live streaming on tomago

  20. Yes!!! keep the focus and motivation burning. All the best to you in achieving your goals in life. You can do it!!!

  21. You're doing great girl!! Such great drive and determination!! Keep up the great work!!

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