Airbnb: Babylon The Mini Garden And Gathering Home

Love a little nature in your staycation while being able to completely wind down on that hectic schedule of yours? Then Babylon The Mini Garden and Gathering Home Airbnb is the perfect choice for you!

Many of us these days don't have much time off from our busy lifestyle and we often feel caged up looking at the same four walls day in day that's why since a few years back, staycation became a travelling trend - and I must add that it's for the best too!

For me, staycation gives a sense of escape that everyone needs once in a blue moon, while making sure not to break any bank accounts. Of course, there are Airbnbs that are more expensive, so it really just depends on what you are looking for, really.

This Airbnb hosted by Jim was an escape that came right on time to save me from my breakdown - as I was having a huge panic attack with work a couple months back. 

Not only was the place really comfortable to stay in but Jim also made everything that much more easier, from checking in to providing fast Wi-Fi connection to simply accommodating me with all my curiosity.

You can even cook in this space! So, it's perfect for a small get-together and a steamboat session with friends. That's what I did, at the very least.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the toilets but be rest assured that it's superbly clean and tidy. Also, they have heated water ready for that cozy shower that you'll need. They also provide towels and toiletries.

All in all, I will definitely recommend Babylon The Mini Garden and Gathering Home for those light travelers and those whom just want to escape their daily routine or even to just simply have a private friends night out.

Hope you will enjoy your stay as much as I did!

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