Althea Turns 3 - My Biggest Beauty Haul

It's another day that calls for a celebration as Althea turns 3 this year! If you have no idea who is Althea you must be really new to my blog or you must have been living under a rock like Patrick all this while.

Althea is just one of the biggest Korean beauty products seller and they have crazy-ass cheap deals for all the beauty junkies out there! And they are extremely generous with the rewards system the more you spend on Althea the more you actually get back.

I kid you not...because as Althea celebrated their 3rd Birthday on the month of July, I was rewarded a hefty amount of points as it was my birth month too! Thanks to that...I officially made my first biggest beauty haul ever! [and I still have one more box on-the-way]

I practically covered all my beauty needs, wants and curiosity from head-to-toe with my massive purchase. I swear, I have never bought this much of beauty products in one-go, ever! And can you like spot the mini Althea birthday books? FYI Each box comes with 3 mini version of the Althea Birthday Books, vol 1, vol 2 and vol 3.

Honestly, I tried my best to make sure that my purchases would come (fit) in the limited-edition Althea boxes. And I successfully got vol 1 and vol 3. Unfortunately, though the size was correct for my last purchase which it would have been the vol 2, I'm safely guessing that they ran out of stock for it, hence why I received my 3rd purchase in the regular Althea box. *cries at the corner*

But all is well, as Mamasan Tammy was kind enough to give me a vol 2 Althea Birthday Book, just because she knows very well that I love to collect notebooks - in this case boxes that look like books.

And yes, you've guessed it right! I will be doing a review on all of these products that you see right up there. Of course, it would take some time to get all of them done, but I will try my best to review all of them in the fastest pace that I can.

Just to give you all a heads up on what are the exact products that I've bought, here's a list of them:

8. Egg White Pore Mask
11. Sleeping Hair Cream

Yes, you may call me crazy as I literally bought 19 beauty products (not counting the ones that are arriving next week.. :P ) in just one month under RM400!

Hope you have enough patience to read up all my upcoming reviews on these beauties...till then happy shopping ladies and gentlemen! 

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