Althea x Get It Beauty: Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

Looking for the best skin detoxer that doesn't cost much hassle? Look no further as Althea just released its new 'family member' the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer - a facial mask that only takes 10 seconds to use and shows immediate results!

No joke peeps! It really does show immediate results, especially the Refining Real Fresh Skin Detoxer [Rose] - which I noticed that my pores shrunk! 

Allow me to get down on the deets of these two amazing products. First of all, you read the 10 seconds part correctly! This facial mask doesn't need 10 minutes of your hectic schedule but just 10 seconds.

Here's a short "how-to" video for you!

It comes in 2 different distinctive 'flavours' which is the Green Tea extract and the Rose-infused facial mask. Each with its own function; the green tea purifies all the bad stuff that has been lingering on your timid face for way too long while the rose-infused facial mask refines your skin texture leaving you with a smoother skin and a selfie-ready face.

This awesome product also doubles as a cleanser! Talk about efficiency and cost saving, peeps! And that's not all, you can even use the facial masks on the you can might as well just say "Good Bye" to your current cleanser.

If you love green tea and rose as much as I do, then you would also love the scents of these two beauty! They aren't particularly strong but noticeable enough to give you an energizing boost as well as a calming factor.

As from my knowledge of these two products, the Green Tea is best used at night while the Rose is best used in the morning. Why? Well, the green tea has more texture to it, which makes it easier to scrub off all the dirt that are stuck and clinging onto your skin after a whole day out.

The Rose doesn't have much texture to it as the petals are relatively soft and barely noticeable (in the sense of touch), however, it does help to minimize the pores as your pores tend to open up overnight (while's a natural thing by the way).

I am truly thankful and blessed to have been able to give these two products a go. If you are wondering, this was a welcome (surprise) gift from Althea for all their angels a.k.a brand ambassadors.

And if you want to know why I always rave about Althea, it is because I really love their service, products and their deals - quite frankly they have most korean beauty products that you can find but for a knocked down price.

When I say service, they not only make sure that your orders arrive at your doorstep but they also make sure that you have the best interaction with their team members. Just take a look at this note that I received from Mamasan Tammy which also is the Head of Creative Communications of Althea:

My final say in all of this? I am extremely happy for finally achieving the things I've never thought I could achieve and given the opportunity to share more exciting everything-beauty-related news with you!

And you should really get a set of the Real Fresh Skin Detoxer right now to try it out, feel and see the difference for yourself!

Trust me, I'm not the only one that is raving about it...there are a bunch of other ladies and men whom have tried it out as well, and they are stating the facts of how amazing the products are!

So, don't wait any longer and get yourselves possibly the best skin detoxer in 2018. Try it out and let me know how was it for you. Till then happy detoxing!

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