Fashion Hunt At Jalan Jalan Japan Tabausab, One City

Hi everyone! I am back with another episode of fashion hunt at Jalan Jalan Japan and this time I visited their outlet at the famous One City Mall, Subang.

Yes...believe or not, this is my second time bargain shopping to the max with JJJ. One can never have too many clothes - says every fashionista on earth. If you are curious of what I bought from the first round of Tabausab you can check this link out >>> Jalan Jalan Japan @ 1 Shamelin Mall

Just in case, I'm going to refresh your memory and knowledge about the most anticipated bargain shopping by shopaholics, JJJ Tabausab. This event is so special that it only takes place on the last Saturday of every month.

And what makes this event such a great deal is that you only have to pay RM5 for 1 plastic bag or RM10 for 3 plastic bags and whatever you can fit into that bag(s) are yours to keep! Absolutely amazing isn't it?!

It's crazy accepting the fact, that for this round, I managed to shove in 22 pieces of clothing into 3 plastic bags. That's basically spending RM0.45 per item! Please allow me to also take this opportunity to remind you that the quality of these clothes are pretty darn good.

Just take a look at this!

Want to see what else I managed to grab for July's JJJ Tabausab? Check this short video out, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Do let me know what do you think of this event and which outfit was your favourite? Mine was #6, #8 and #9. Don't forget to bookmark your calendar for the next Tabausab ya!