Trying Out Odora Hair Deodorizer And DeVIDA Mira Oil

Hi there peeps! I am back with another "Try and Review" session. This time around I was introduced to two brand new products from the beauty and health market by Joanne Wee, and I must say I am quite pleasantly surprised of the outcome of using both products for just a week!

What were the products that I tested out? I tried using the Odora Hair Deodorizer and DeVIDA Mira Oil for 5 days straight. And now I am totally excited to share the good news about both products!

Odora Hair Deodorizer

This product is said to be odour-neutralising, anti-bacterial and hair conditioning; and I completely agree with them! If you are the kind of person who doesn't wash their hair daily, or wears the hijab or often wear caps/helmets or even are constantly surrounded by people who smoke then this is a must have item in your bag.

Not only does this hair mist helps to neutralize the odour of "oily scalp" and environmental causes, it also gives an instant glow and healthier look to your hair! Truthfully, I have frizzy hair as my hair is naturally wavy, but with this hair deodorizer I can tame my mane without much effort.

I love this Odora Hair Deodorizer also mainly because it helps me to relax and calm my mind with its almost-minty-herbal-like scent.

Here's a before and after picture to prove my point.

I would say definitely it's worth to stock up bottles and bottles of this Odora Hair Deodorizer.

DeVIDA Mira Oil - Moringa Oil Plus

Rejuvenating, hydrating and aromatherapeutic are what this product claims and yet again it proves itself worthy of its claims. This 'magical' oil is your one-stop-problem-solver as not only it can be used on your face, it can also be used to get rid of stubborn stretch marks and act as a massage oil when you need a good and free massage.

I have mainly used this DeVIDA Mira Oil for both 'fixing' my face and as a massage oil. What I mean by fixing my face is that I noticed that after just 5 days of usage, my skin has become more radiant and that my face tone has almost balanced out. It's a miracle, I can tell you that!

Since, I work till wee hours in the morning, I tend to have stiff shoulders or a sore neck the day after; and when that happens I turn to DeVIDA Mira Oil to 'release' the 'bad aura'. Just gently stroking my neck with using my thumbs and the Moringa oil plus in a up-and-down motion on my neck, is enough to calm my stress and fatigue.

If just by reading that description you can feel the calmness, then I really would like to suggest for you the get a bottle or two of the DeVIDA Mira Oil for yourself.

And if you are wondering where can you get both of these products, you can easily purchase them from an online website called Manfortlab.
[Click here

I urge you to try them out for yourselves! And if you do decide to try it out, don't forget to share your experience and comments with me too!


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